Wellness Journal Tea Layout

Today, I am sharing my wellness journal tea layout. I have always enjoyed tea but lately, I have been seeing more benefits from drinking specific teas. Growing up, Rooibos was always a go-to when I wasn’t feeling well, and lately, mint tea has been my favourite for a overall mental and physical reset. This led me down the rabbit hole of tea (which rivals that of Alice in Wonderland, let me tell you!). I went through and picked and chose what I felt was enough information without being overwhelming. This was so fun to create, I wanted to share this layout for inspiration in case you were looking for something similar. Over on YouTube, I share my setup video, but, as always, I share a ton of information here too.

Please note: this information comes from across the internet. It should be taken with a grain of salt and may not be right for you. This is in NO WAY medical advice, rather just sharing resources I found for what works for me. I don’t know, nor pretend to know, everything about this topic and only used information that was relevant to me and how I plan on using it. Not to sound too pharmaceutical but, speak to your healthcare provider before trying anything new, or different, to make sure it won’t cause you any or additional harm. (I may have watched too much TV when we lived down in the States.)

My Wellness Journal

First off, my wellness journal was started back in 2021. It mostly lay neglected for all of 2023. I meant to go back and add more to it but I wasn’t in the right head space to meaningfully add to it. I did a lot of reading over December and came up with a bunch of new ideas that I am excited to create and explore. So far, my favourite layout has been my Enneagram layout. I had a ton of fun researching and putting that together. I am really looking forward to doing more wellness exploration and to share that journey with you. For this setup, I used:

This post contains some affiliate links. This means I may earn a referral fee if you make a purchase through my link, without any additional cost to you. By doing so allows me to keep creating content for your enjoyment. Thank you SO much for your support!

Tea Mini-Breakdown

Teas are high in antioxidants and seem to have many health properties tied to weight loss, overall heart health, positive effects on blood sugar levels, and gut health, to name a few. There are studies showing the health benefits of tea, but the research remains inconclusive. With that said, just like taking supplements (and depending on underlying health conditions), tea can help in many ways. As someone with a diet that my digestive system doesn’t always agree with, I am happy to alleviate bloating in a natural, effective way. And here we are, including a tea layout in my wellness journal. As I try new and different teas, I am excited to expand on this layout and maybe even, potentially, a tea journal on it’s own.

But, for now, I am happy to share some basic tea information and what I am including in my wellness journal tea layout.

Wellness Journal Tea Layout

Wellness Journal Tea Layout

When I’m feeling…

The first page of my journal is to capture the best tea to have when I’m feeling stressed, anxious, or drowsy. (I spelled anxious wrong in my layout and, while this is super annoying to me, I don’t feel the intense urge to redo it.)

Peppermint leaves


Peppermint contains menthol which is a natural muscle relaxant which is why this can relax you on busy and/or stressful days (also has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties). Benefits of peppermint tea include:

  • May ease digestive issues
  • Help relieve tension headaches and migraines (cooling sensation from menthol)
  • Gives perception of airflow in your nose so may help alleviate congestion
  • Improve energy levels and reduce fatigue
  • May improve sleep (muscle relaxant)
Lemon Balm Leaves


Lemon balm reduces the stress hormone cortisol which can relax the body without causing drowsiness. Benefits include:

  • Member of the mint family so a lot of similarities to peppermint tea
  • Reduce stress and acts as a mood booster
  • Note: it does contain tannins and has a host of side effects (but relating more to ingesting oils vs. drinking tea)
Matcha Tea


Matcha tea has lots of caffeine but with the added bonus of antioxidants. It works as a great pick me up without the jitters you may get from drinking coffee. Other benefits include:

  • High in antioxidants because of the growing and harvesting process
  • Improves brain function and avoids caffeine crash because of compounds found in matcha
  • More caffeine than the average green tea (for the most part)
  • Like green tea, may promote heart health due to the compounds found in green tea and matcha

I saw weight loss as an added benefit but I LOVE matcha lattes which I think negates the weight loss aspect. Scratch that – I KNOW! When I was pregnant with my youngest, all I wanted were iced matcha lattes. Needless to say, I gained a ton of weight and he has boundless energy. LOL!

I also chuckled since a few websites mentioned it’s easy to prepare but I thought this was ridiculous as it involves a whisk as opposed to plunking a tea bag into a cup of hot water. (Just kidding! I understand and appreciate that there is an art to brewing the perfect cup of tea.)

It is important to note that too much matcha tea can cause spikes in your heart rate due to the caffeine content.

Wellness Journal Tea Layout

When I want to feel…

The second page of my wellness journal tea layout looks at teas to try when I want to feel energized, focused, or sleepy.

Black tea


There’s not much to black tea. It’s generally the tea with the most caffeine, but still less than coffee. It also holds the title of one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Black tea comes from one kind of plant and then is blended with different plants for different flavours like Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe, English Breakfast, etc.

And just like other teas, there are many health benefits, as well as the kick you get from the caffeine content.

Turmeric Drink


Turmeric is generally considered a superfood in the natural health community

  • Belongs to the ginger family
  • Reduces inflammation and protects the brain from oxidative stress
  • Turmeric supplements show more results than tea

Oolong Tea

  • Caffeine can increase the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, which are thought to benefit mood, attention, and brain function
  • Along with caffeine, oolong tea contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants
Chamomile Tea


  • Chamomile
    • contains an antioxidant that binds to certain receptors in the brain that promotes sleepiness
    • seems to have some anti-inflammatory properties but majority of benefits lie in the sleep aid properties
  • Valerian Root
    • Valerian root contains a number of compounds that may help promote calmness by increasing GABA (a chemical messenger that helps regulate nerve impulses) availability in the body and interacting with certain receptors involved in mood and sleep

Additional Wellness Journal Tea Layouts

As well as the information above, I also included space for a list of teas I want to try. David’s Tea has a valerian root tea and a turmeric chai tea that I want to try. There are some other local tea shops I want to try too. So I made sure to include a space to capture that.

The other information I wanted to include was the caffeine content and the flavour profile of the different teas. I have made a small printable for you too that you can grab. I picked the more common teas and just did a short summary. The teas I included were black, oolong, green, match, pu’erh, white, and herbal.

Wellness Bullet Journal Ideas
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Tea Time

So, there you have it! A new entry into my wellness journal. I started my wellness journal back in 2021 but didn’t spend much time in it for 2023. I have some more ideas and layouts I am hoping to include so you will be seeing more of it this year. Let me know if this inspired you to start a wellness journal, or include a tea layout in your wellness journal. If you recreate this layout, I would love to see it! Tag me on instagram @natashamillercreates and @fromblanktobrilliant.

Thank you so much for your time today and I will see you in the next one!

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