Weekly Bullet Journal Layout for March

Today I am sharing a quick weekly bullet journal layout video with you guys. For March, I have split my rapid logging task list into two: work and home. This way I will hopefully be able to streamline my focus and not forget about tasks along the way.

Weekly Bullet Journal Layout

My supplies were very minimal. I used Crayola Supertips for the borders and lettering, and then a Tombow Mono Drawing pen for adding details to the lettering as well as the days of the week and the grid. Majority of supplies were stickers.

The stickers I use are free for my email subscribers and can be found in the From Blank to Brilliant Library. So if you aren’t a subscriber yet, sign up down below. Once you confirm, the password for exclusive access to the Library will pop into your mailbox! If you are already a subscriber and you have your stickers, make sure to tag me so that I can see how you are creating with them (Instagram: @natashamillerletters).

Weekly Bullet Journal Layout Stickers
Alice in Wonderland-inspired teacup stickers as well as mini quotes to use throughout your planner.

P.S. I did have one tip to share with you from today’s weekly bullet journal layout. Once I finished my layout, I didn’t like the look of the lettering “Weekly Win”. So I grabbed a little bit of the leftover sticker paper, stuck it over top of the lettering, and done! In the words of my Kindergartener, easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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