August Bullet Journal Setup

Vintage Camper Bullet Journal Setup

Today I am sharing my Vintage Camper bullet journal setup. I am so excited to be using this quirky and fun 1950’s theme and retro lettering for August. Using a bright colour palette, my stickers are popping off the page. If you would like to check out my August bullet journal setup, you can see the video here. If you would like to download and use these stickers in your planner, make sure to sign up for the From Blank to Brilliant newsletter for exclusive access.

Vintage Camper Bullet Journal Setup


As always, I am using very basic supplies:

For this month’s doodle theme, I have chosen to do flowers. I have called the collection Flower Pots since I will be drawing the flowers in pots. You can find the doodle prompts below, or on Instagram where I will be sharing them as well.

Vintage Camper Bullet Journal Setup Tips and Tricks

As always, I am sharing my tips and tricks for the vintage camper bullet journal setup. The first tip I wanted to share is about the doodle layout. I always like to create a neutral layout which allows me flexibility in colour scheme. I will predominately use colours similar to my overall theme – to create cohesion throughout the month. But I will also bring in whatever colours I need. My colour scheme for August is blue, yellow, and pink, which lends itself well to flowers, but I will also throw in some greens and browns too.

Vintage Camper Bullet Journal Setup

My next tips I have shared before but I really think they need repeating. Just because you make a mistake, doesn’t mean your journal is ruined! There is always a way and here are my go-to solutions:

White gel pen like Gelly Roll or Uni-Ball

This is my number 1 go to. If your journal has the yellow or cream paper, this is your best bet for covering up mistakes and not having it look too obvious. It also allows for you to colour or redraw over top of it fairly well.

Strips of paper glued on top of the mistake

This option is great for bigger mistakes or for layout where you are using a lot of colour. For August, I used days of the week instead of titles for my self-care layout. I ended up gluing paper down over the days of the week. This meant that I was able to do my lettering and highlighting without the lettering being bumpy or the colour not showing up properly.

You can cut paper from the back of your journal, the back of an old journal, or any piece of paper. I used copy paper since it was a small area.

White Out Pen or Tape

This will normally be a desperate fix. In my white journal, it works quite well and doesn’t stand out too much. But in a Leuchtturm or Moleskin, you may want to use this as a last resort. Plus, the liquid white out dries bumpy and can ruin your pens (depending on what you’re using but felt pens do not do well).

Glue the page and start new

Depending on where you are at in your layout, say the the start, you may want to just turn the page or glue it and start new. That’s the joy of bullet journaling. I have done this many, many times before. Sometimes its just the easiest solution.

Monthly Bullet Journal Setup

I am super happy with how this turned out. I love the elements and the colour scheme so much. As we face more and more uncertainty, it’s nice to have something fun and happy to look at through it all.

I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful. If you want to see some lettering tutorials from me, reach out and let me know what you would life to see or learn, and I will see what I can put together for you!

Thank you for your support today!

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