Tom’s Studio Lumos Pen Review

I hope you’re as eager for this Tom’s Studio Lumos Pen Review as I am! Scrolling Instagram, I only had to see this ad twice before I added to cart! That was about 2 months ago and I have almost exclusively been using it. In fact, one Lumos Pen somehow turned into 3, LOL! But I can explain how that happened below. If you want to check out the video review, you can head to my channel, but here are my written thoughts.

Tom's Studio Lumos Pen Review

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What or Who is Tom’s Studio

Tom’s Studio is a small business based out of the U.K. Tom, with a background in furniture and product design, decided to make his wife (a calligrapher), better and higher quality pens. She loved it, other people loved, and thanks to those initial supporters, the rest of us are now able to learn about and enjoy Tom’s Studio Products.

They have a variety of offerings outside of the Lumos pens, including fountain pens, a variety of calligraphy pens and oblique calligraphy pens, mechanical pencils, inks, and accessories. So far, I have only purchased the Lumos Pens and some ink, which I will talk more about below.

The Lumos Pro Pen

As I mentioned, it took 2 ads for me to click on the link, I saw the functionality of the pen, and added to cart! The aesthetic of the pen took a little while to grow on me, but the more I used it, the more I appreciated the design.

So the first pen I purchased was the Lumos Pro Infinitely Refillable Pen. Available in 5 different colours, it can be engraved, and retails for $106.00 CAD. It comes beautifully package with a small bottle of black ink, 11 Japanese made tips that you can change out, a silicone cap, instructions, and of course, the pen itself. The pen is a smooth, round, metal design, with a cap that screws on when not in use.

The lid of the pen unscrews and can be screwed onto the bottom of the pen so you don’t misplace it. There are 2 other parts of the pen that unscrew.

  1. The part of the pen that holds the ink reservoir and the tip
  2. The tip of the pen (that is gold) that holds your chosen nib in place

You place the reservoir into the ink, which acts like a sponge and soaks up the ink. The end of the nib contains thin fibres that soaks up the ink too, allowing you to write with the pen. Once your reservoir is filled, you screw everything back together and you are good to go!

NOTE: there is a silicone cap included to help make reservoir and tip removal easier and less messy. So if you have grip issues, the silicone cap has your back (or should I say fingers!).

Tom's Studio Lumos Pro Pen

The Lumos Pen Family

There are 3 varieties of the Lumos Pen: the Lumos Mini, The Lumos Pro, and the Lumos Pro Duo. I somehow, “accidentally” ended up with all three versions, which works out for a comprehensive Tom’s Studio Lumos pen review!

The Tom’s Studio Lumos Mini is, obviously, a smaller version of the Lumos Pro. It works exactly the same as the Lumos Pro, just in a little compact version. The Mini also comes in 5 colour options, can be engraved, and retails for $81.00 CAD. It doesn’t come with any of the tips but it does come with ink, and the unboxing experience is just as great (as you can see in my video).

The big boy, the Tom’s Studio Lumos Pro Duo, again, is exactly the same as the Lumos Pro but with space for 2 reservoirs and tips. The Pro Duo is a fraction longer than the Lumos Pro – a tiny fraction, but twice the weight!* It is definitely heavy but you have options if you don’t like writing with the heavy pen. For example, you can just unscrew them and work with them like you would a Lumos Mini. The Pro Duo comes in the same 5 colours as the Pro and the Mini. They have a special release where you can get the Pro Duo in brass. The Lumos Pro Duo retails for $170.00 CAD.

*I did splurge on the brass version of the Duo so not sure if this plays into the weight.

Lumos Pro Duo Pen

Tom’s Studio Lumos Pro Pen Review – The Nitty Gritty

First and foremost, I have made a promise to myself (and my audience indirectly), that I will be extremely selective in brands that I choose to support, partner with, and collaborate with. Tom’s Studio has made that list due to the overall experience of these products. So, how did they pass my test?


As I live in Canada, I feel I have a fair and reasonable opinion of shipping. Shipping costs were really reasonable and took about a week to arrive. When they arrived, I realized why shipping was so reasonable – they don’t include duty charges in the shipping cost. This isn’t a deal breaker for me but just so that you are aware, build the little bit of extra cost into your budget.

User Friendly

I do think that the pens are user friendly. The instructions are very clear and I had no issue setting my pens up. As mentioned above, there is a silicone cap that helps grip the reservoir and tip holder more easily. The feel of the metal barrel is actually quite nice to write with and doesn’t irritate my joints if I’m writing or drawing for long periods of time.

Just like regular pens, like Microns or drawing pens, you want to be careful not to damage the nibs by pressing too hard, dropping the pen, or being too rough with installing the tip. They do offer replacement tips for purchase if you run into these issues. I definitely lost one tip due to handling issues on my part!


I have used the 0.3, 0.5 and brush tips. They work really well and are a good quality. They don’t scratch at the page/paper that I use (which is 160GSM journal paper). The ink that comes with the pens is great – a standard black ink, but vivid and not grey in tone. It’s also a fair amount of ink so it should last you a while. On my 160GSM paper, there was no ghosting (unless held up to the light), and no bleed through.

I was mostly curious about the brush tip and I liked it. It fits somewhere between a harder tip Tombow Fudenosuke, and a softer tip Tombow Dual Brush pen. I would say it feels like a Pentel Sign Brush tip but a bit bigger. I was using the brush tip with the heavier Pro Duo and it was fine. The extra weight actually helped me control my calligraphy more which I thought was interesting.

Lumos Pen Products

NOTE – About the Ink

They do recommend that you don’t use any inks with glitters or shimmer solution. This can clog up your pen and cause various issues. They recommend that you buy their ink specifically. While I can see that as a selling ploy because every company wants you to buy their other accessories, I am inclined to stick with their inks. Reason number 1: the pens are expensive and I don’t want to ruin them. Number 2: I did purchase some of their other ink and really liked it (plus I liked the ink the pen comes with). Number 3: I am not educated enough in the various ink types to feel comfortable experimenting with other inks.

I have collected some inks over the years but my knowledge is no where near comfortable enough to start experimenting with my expensive pen.

Tom’s Studio Lumos Pen Review – Final Thoughts

I saw someone ask for feedback on a product on social media, mostly asking if people liked it. The first comment was “yes”, nothing more, nothing less. Thinking on these pens, that’s how I feel! They are definitely pricey but, in my experience, the value is there. A small business, family owned, beautiful packaging, the tools/supplies you need (if you buy the Lumos Pro), unique, high quality – this is what I am looking for when I spend my money.

So I guess the biggest con is the price, but as I mentioned above, the higher price is justified to me. Having to pay duty on it sucks but that’s not Tom’s Studios fault, lol! I am really happy with this product. I would buy it again and would even buy it as gifts for friends and family. It’s been a while since I have been this blown away by a product. And by that I mean, seamlessly integrating a new product into my already specific routine.

The only other strong opinion I have would be to go for the Lumos Pro. I feel you get more for the $25 difference. The Mini is a cutie and lives with my mobile art pouch, but, in my opinion, and compared to each other, the Pro is more value for money.

I am sitting on some other higher end products that I am thinking about reviewing. When It comes to more expensive products, I do like to use them a bit before forming an opinion. Especially, higher-end speciality products.

Let me know if you have bought or are considering one of these pens.

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