Three Hand Lettering Ideas for October

I’m finally getting around to sharing some more hand lettering tutorials and today I’m sharing three hand lettering ideas for October. If you want to invite Halloween into your bullet journal, one of these 3 hand lettering ideas is the way to go! I used 2 of these styles in my own bullet journal so I am super excited to share them with you! (You can check out my October setup here.)

I have the video uploaded for you to follow along. But I wanted to include this written piece to clarify/underscore particularly important parts. But first, as always, supplies.

Halloween Lettering Supplies

So this is the best part of this tutorial – use whatever you have! I have a couple of recommendations though, especially for the first lettering type. A dried up pen with a little bit of ink is ideal for 2 of these, since it will increase the creepy factor. Otherwise, having a variety of pens and practising with a variety of pens, would be great to see what works for you.

Now onto the good stuff!

Three hand lettering ideas for October

Three Hand Lettering Ideas for October

The first 2 lettering ideas are super simple and straight forward. The 3rd is a bit more advanced and challenging. I’m calling them Handwriting Font, Hill House Font (it’s actual name), and then Haunting Attraction. The lettering I am teaching today is a variation of the Haunting Attraction font to allow you to incorporate it into your bullet journal or planner.

1. Handwriting Font

3 lettering ideas for October

This is the EASIEST lettering to recreate. Basically, using your regular handwriting, you just keep going over the different letters over and over again. Try not to line the letters up as the messier, the better. This is also the lettering where using an almost dry pen will deliver the best results.

I use a fine tip ball point pen which works great. You want to stick to a scratchier pen, instead of a gel or fine liner. Using gel or fine liner will cause the repeating lines to bleed into one another, which will look like a thick letter as opposed to the creepy chicken scratch lettering.

If you would like to recreate this lettering in your bullet journal, you can find my reference sheet here:

2. Hill House Lettering

3 lettering ideas for Halloween

Next up is Hill House lettering style. This style is also fairly easy to recreate. The most important tip is to keep your letters tall and skinny. You can use any pen you want for this one. You can use a thicker tip for thicker lettering or a finer tip and draw in the letter thickness you want.

I created a reference sheet for you here:

3. Haunting Attraction Lettering

Three lettering ideas for Halloween

This is honestly the most challenging of the 3. I managed to break the letters down into simpler shapes to allow for easy recreation. I will suggest that you practise the letters a couple times before you dive right in. The more I played with this lettering style, the easier it was to recreate and the better it looked. This rings true for most things in life but, after my struggle, it needed to be said.

In the video I mention using a thicker pen but I would actually lean more toward the finer tips and then add weight. That way you get the sharper, knife-like points just right.

The reference sheet can be found here:

If you followed along today, thank you so much for your time. If I have inspired you to create some of these styles in your bullet journal or planner, I would love to see it! You can tag me @natashamillerletters on Instagram. If you would like to see more content like this, let me know! You can comment here, email, or let me know specifically which lettering style on Instagram, and I will see what I can put together for you!

Talk soon!

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