The Alastair Method Review

After 9 months of using this method, today I am sharing an Alastair Method Review. I have touched on this method before, but after spending some time using it and creating various weekly layouts incorporating this method, I wanted to share more thoughts. You can check out my YouTube video if you want. Or you can just shoot down to the bottom of this post and to find the inspiration gallery.

I’m linking to Alastair Johnston’s blog for you to read up on this method. The only difference here is that the Future Log has been converted to a weekly task list. Once created, you can then assign each task to a specific day of the week. It’s such a simple and productive way to use your bullet journal.

The Alastair Method Review: Pros

I love this method for the simplicity of this method. There’s no rewriting unfinished tasks into the next daily box, you just move the dot. As I mentioned in my previous post and in my video, I follow a key that helps me see where a particular task is at.

The Alastair Method Review

This method has made me fall in love with bullet journaling all over again! Before, I would simply just write a task down without realistically knowing if that task would get done that day. The Alastair Method has given my planning purpose again in a time where a purpose has been hard to find.

The Alastair Method Review: Cons

So as much as I tout greater productivity, I am also a Class A procrastinator. What this means: it’s almost easier for me to put off doing a task since I just have to move the dot. For example, I have had some paperwork to do for the last THREE WEEKS… as of this blog post, it’s still not done…

It can also be more difficult to combine functional and creative layouts. There aren’t many people using (or sharing that they’re using) this method therefore inspiration is hard to come by. Well, I am sharing a gallery of some of my weekly layouts from the last 9 months, which you can check out below.

I hope you have found this post and video helpful. It’s a pretty simple system with great impact. As I mentioned above, it has definitely given my planning more purpose. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out. I feel pretty passionately about this topic.

If you use any of these layouts as inspiration, I’d love it is you could tag me! I love seeing how other people adapt layouts and methods to their needs. My Instagram is @natashamillerletters.

Thank you for your time today!

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