Stencil in Your Bullet Journal

Today I am showing you how to stencil in your bullet journal. Stencils are one of the easiest and most versatile tools to use in your bullet journal. Using my dumpster fire bullet art journal, I show you 3 different ways to use your stencils. You can check out the video here, but you can read my tips below. But first, my supplies.

Stencil in Your Bullet Journal

Dumpster Fire Junk Journal Supplies

Bullet Journal Stenciling

Tracing stencil then adding colour

The first tip is basically how I used stencils as a kid – tracing the stencil image with pencil and then adding colour after. You can trace with pencil, like I do in the video. Or you can use pen to make the outline and then colour it in.

I think this is the simplest, easiest way to use stencils and the number 1 way we think of using them. In my video, I outline the stencil image with pencil and then go in with watercolour paint to add colour.

Stencil in a Bujo

Another advantage to this method is that it allows you to “extend” the image beyond the bounds of the stencil. In the video I show how I move the stencil around to create one big floral image. It took a bit of tweaking here and there, but I love it turned out.

Colouring stencil with pen/pencil/marker

Another method to use your stencils is to use pen, marker, or pencils directly. I grab some washi tape to hold the stencil in place while I use gel pen to colour the image. This saves a lot of time but depending on the size of the stencil image, you can be limited in the medium you can use.

For example, I use a gel pen to colour in my stenciled image. Portions of the stencil ran very thin and I wasn’t able to add colour in all the nooks and crannies.

Using stencils with stamp ink

My favourite way to use stencils is stamp ink and a blender sponge. I use Distress Ink to blend over the stencil. Again, you can stick the stencil in place with washi tape and then add the colour. Its easy and fun to see the variance that the blending and ink creates. Unlike stamping directly into your journal, you can use dye ink or pigment ink to do the blending.

Bujo Stenciling

I hope you enjoyed the video and found the tips for how to stencil in your bullet journal helpful. If you would like to see more back to basics style videos and tutorials, let me know!

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