Stained Glass Bullet Journal Setup

Today, I am sharing a stained glass bullet journal setup for my January theme. I am so excited since this is my first collaboration with Archer and Olive and the Unbound 12 Days of Creativity eCourse.

If you aren’t sure, Unbound by Archer and Olive is a guided creative experience designed to remove barriers and give you everything you need to start benefitting from creativity for your mental wellness. The 12 Days of Creativity eCourse is a virtual course with 12 daily creative projects to help incorporate mental wellness through creativity. This course teaches tips and techniques to use throughout the year, not just the holidays.

Along with this blog post, I have my video setup where you can follow along as well. So, let’s get into it.

January Bullet Journal Setup
Stained Glass Bullet Journal Setup

Supplies for my Stained Glass Bullet Journal Setup

Majority of my supplies are from Archer and Olive. these are affiliate links where I earn a small commission and you get a discount. Use NML10 for get 10% off your purchase.

Other supplies:

January Bullet Journal Setup 2024

For my theme for my stained glass bullet journal setup, I chose a snowdrop flower because it is fun and easy to draw, and a simple san serif font. My goal was to keep the illustrations as simple as possible so the stained glass effect doesn’t overwhelm the handlettering and the drawings. Throughout the layouts, I only created the stained glass effect on the backgrounds, so that the flowers aren’t lost.

For my colour palette, I am sticking to 3 different greens, 2 blues, a grey, and a white. This palette is fresh and appropriate for the winter season where I am (although green is probably super optimistic right now), and is a common colour palette when looking at snowdrop flowers.

Stained Glass Bullet Journal Setup

January Cover Page Magic

For my cover pages, I have my hand lettered page – It is okay to do what’s best for you – and then decided to have some fun with the illustrations. I sketch a window with some drawings, tracing that onto vellum (that has been cut to size), and then cutting out the inside of the window with a cutting blade. This is where I will be adding the vellum for a window effect.

I meant to leave an extra page to reinforce the vellum and the window, but forgot to do this. So I grabbed a page out of the back of my journal, cut it to size, traced and cut the window panes, and then glued it all together. Using the black Acrylograph, I outline the window, the drawings, and create the stained glass backgrounds. For colouring, I use the Calliographs in various shades of blue and green.

By adding a tab to the window page, I am able to flip back and forth more easily. But I didn’t want this tab to interfere with my functional tabs (which I cut into the right hand side of the pages), so I add it to the top of the page. Behind the window is my January lettering and big snowdrop floral, and my January heading.

Calendar Page with a Change Up

I have changed up the rest of my monthly setup from previous setups (particularly, 2023 setups). I am adding a calendar page as always, but instead of a separate column on the right, I have joined it to the calendar and will be using this to capture to dos for specific weeks. This layout inspiration came from Jess whose channel is @Jashicorrin on YouTube and who I am appreciating more and more every day.

I incorporate the stained glass effect through the title for this page. And of course, adding my boarders.

January Bullet Journal Setup

Monthly Overview

New to my setup this month is a monthly over dashboard. Here I am capturing important dates in the month, what needs to be worked on for my art licensing, my goals for the month and then another place to capture more to dos. I think these will be more personal to dos – so planning birthday parties, stuff that needs to be done for trips, etc.

I am hoping to keep my goal planner separate so this is a place to keep those goals front and centre, while also not getting overwhelmed by seeing all my goals in one place. Hoping that this allows me to focus on the ones I am working on right now.

The left hand side of the page is where I intend to do work on my word of the year. I have enrolled in Ali Edwards’ One little Word project twice, I believe, and have completed it zero times. So this is how I plan on actually trying to complete the course this year (one of my goals for 2024!).

Stained Glass Bullet Journal Setup

Trigger Tracker

Another new layout for my stained glass theme bullet journal setup is a trigger tracker. I have been struggling with migraines. These migraines I believe are related to stress. I am also trying to develop healthier coping mechanisms. This will be part of my wellness journal. But, I am hoping to use these pages here to track my triggers, my emotions, and my reactions.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure who to attribute this layout too. I’ve used trigger trackers before when I first started journaling, but even then, I wasn’t sure who created the layout originally. There are many variations but his is the layout I am using.

Trigger Tracker Bullet Journal Layout

January Weeklies

We then move on to my weeklies. New for my weeklies is the weekly habit tracker. These are specifically to track migraines, water intake, vitamins, and then one more thing to decide on. Probably if I took migraine medication.

I am incorporating the stained glass theme throughout my weeklies with a small circle with stained glass and then a window shape for my calendars.

In December, I used a generic to do list section – a variation of the Alastair Method I had been using again – and I liked having it so I am using it for January as well.

January Bullet Journal Setup
Weekly Layout Inspiration
Stained Glass Bullet Journal Setup

Monthly Review

Then last but not least, I have a monthly review page. I am hoping this page will help me keep a better eye on my goals and how I am progressing. I am capturing my biggest accomplishment, other good things that happened, how I feel about my accomplishments, how I am celebrating them, and then what I need to focus on for the next month.

The right hand side of the page is where I plan to just do some junk journaling. Add some elements here and there, basically just have fun with it. Finish off the month with a fun, unstructured (we’ll see though), creative element.

Month in review Setup

Stained Glass Bullet Journal Wrap Up

So that is my January setup all ready to be used. I had a blast adding the stained glass elements throughout. It is definitely a trust the process kind of project but also, very meditative and relaxing to do. There are 11 other projects to create and inspire in the 12 Days of Creativity eCourse. I have linked it for you to check out.

Thank you so much for your time today and I will see you in the next one!

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