September Bullet Journal Setup 2021

It’s here, I didn’t miss it, but here it is, my September Bullet Journal Setup 2021. August flew by faster than anticipated and it definitely caught me off-guard but I have my September Bullet Journal Setup ready to go. I decided on a back-to-school-ish theme, using sneakers, brick walls, graffiti lettering, and Post-It Notes?! That’s right! I picked up some really cool Post-It notes and decided to incorporate it into my setup. Now, I know it’s not back to school everywhere, which is why I tried to put this theme together with hints of back to school, so that you can still recreate it for whatever season. You can catch the setup video here, but otherwise, let’s get into it!

September Bullet Journal Setup

September Bullet Journal Setup Supplies

For 2020, I really tried to keep my supplies minimal but for the second half of 2021, I feel I am truly embracing the Use What You Have mentality, and apparently all in one setup. Lol! You don’t have to use the supplies I used and I’ll mention some ways to recreate the theme without needing all the stuff.

This post contains some affiliate links. This means I may earn a referral fee if you make a purchase through my link, without any additional cost to you. By doing so allows me to keep creating content for your enjoyment. Thank you SO much for your support!

  • Noted by Post-It Noes Square Notes and Grey Tab Notes (Walmart)
  • Cardboard, Acetate, Tape Glue (for the mechanism)

As always, the lettered dashboard will be emailed out to my Subscribers on the last day of every month. So if you would like a free lettered dashboard (in black and white for you to add your own colours), sign up below and receive access to free stickers and printables too.

Trackers and Notes Page Setup

September Setup Basics

I stuck to the same layouts as last month, I enjoyed using them and wanted to give them another few months before changing them up. Included were a calendar page, a trackers page, a notes page, a 2 page priorities task list for the month, and then of course my first weekly layout.

September Creative Bullet Journal

I obviously used a lot of supplies so here are some work arounds for products that you may not have/don’t want to purchase.

  • Acrylographs can be substituted with markers. I do like the Acrylopgraphs though since they are so opaque and cover up the background so well. It does take a few layers though, especially with lighter colours like yellow and white.
  • The brick stencil can be substituted by drawing the bricks in by hand. The dot grid works as a great guide and doing it free hand will give that rough effect.
  • You can recreate the lighter grey background by smudging grey pencil sharpenings and then colouring the bricks in with a black marker. If you choose to do this, you will need to use paint pens or stickers for your lettering.
  • You can use regular Post-It notes for your trackers, or just draw them in by hand. Remember to leave space for them when building your background.

Final Thoughts

Regarding a tutorial for the pull tabs, I will be putting together a more extensive how-to catalogue. I have spent some time with them now and know what lasts and what doesn’t. But please be patient with me as I work to get those filmed and typed up. In the meantime, check out The Pop-Up Channel to take a closer look at the mechanism I used.

My September setup was a bit fly by the seat of my pants. I added elements as I was filming, deciding on things last minute. I struggled with cohesiveness in this theme and it’s mostly because I have been so distracted. My brain is chasing squirrels and wanting to do ALL the things. I’m needing to reign it in a bit but I am excited to put together a better Library resource for you (more on that to come), as well as sharing my other pet project as well. For example, if you ever wonder what else I do with my graphics and doodles, I will be letting you know shortly!

Tasks and Priorities pages

As always, thank you so so much for being here and for your time today! I know it is the most valuable thing you have so any time spent listening to me is so appreciated. If you decide to recreate any of these layouts, or use my stickers, please tag me in Instagram @natashamillerletters, and I will feature you in my Stories.

Talk soon!

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