Retro TV Bullet Journal Setup | January 2021

January Bullet Journal Setup

Welcome to what is possibly THE most extra setup I have ever done in my bullet journal: A Retro TV Bullet Journal Setup. Honestly, my cover page this month is a bit much, even for me! And if you find yourself asking why… well, short answer, because I could! Lol! But seriously, lots of different techniques and tips for you in this video. It was a lot of fun to put together and a great distraction from the state of the world at the moment. This setup is in my new bullet journal for 2021 and you can check the 2021 setup here. Otherwise, read ahead for my January bullet journal setup.

January Setup Supplies

January Bujo Setup

Retro TV Bullet Journal Setup Tips and Tricks

If you want to create the static screen of the TV on the cover page, definitely create a pocket for the glitter. I used 3 pages to create a pocket so that the glitter wouldn’t create bumps or a weird surface for future pages. You also want to make sure that you don’t pour too much glitter out. Less is actually more when it comes to glitter… ALWAYS!

Retro TV Bullet Journal Setup

When gluing the pages to create your pocket, make sure you are placing the glue around the whole area. Overlap the glue if you have to but make sure to create a seal. This ensures that the glitter won’t escape out of the pocket, which would be the worst!

Don’t be afraid to hand draw your own washi. It’s fun and one-of-a-kind! And it’s easier to make sure the washi fits your overall theme. I wanted to incorporate the simple stripes that were popular in the 1970s, so I hand drew them.

Another great tip: when using an Exacto knife in your journal, grab a piece of cardboard to use as a cutting surface. I used a piece if an Amazon box and it worked great.

Retro TV Bujo Setup

I hope you enjoyed today’s video and setup. It definitely pushes my boundaries of what’s reasonable in a bullet journal, BUT! It was a ton of fun to make. I find that the harder I am struggling emotionally and mentally, the more creative I become. It’s definitely an outlet for me and, although I hate feeling this way, the fact that something beautiful can come from it, helps me to process the feelings a bit better.

If you do decide to recreate this, please tag me @natashamillerletters on Instagram. It’ll be so great to see someone else attempt this over the top construction!

Hope you are staying safe and doing well. Please make sure to look after yourself!

Talk soon!

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