Quarterly Content Planning in a Bullet Journal

After sharing my content planner setup, I am so excited to share my quarterly content planning in a bullet journal. This is how I plan to manage the goals I planned in the notebook setup. I am bringing back some layouts from before, which I am super excited about, and then adding some new ones. I already have made changes to one of the layouts (which I talk about below), but so far, so good.

I share my setup video over on YouTube, but if you prefer to read, I talk about all of it below.

Quarterly Content Planning in a Bullet Journal

Quarterly Content Planning Supplies

Planner Setup Breakdown

For supplies, I am using stamps again because I want to, lol! I love stamping in my journal and I’ve been having so much fun using my various sets. I am using my all-time favourite – Amy Tangerine Alphabet Stamps. These are discontinued but I have linked a similar style.

I want to emphasize with alphabet stamps, especially if you’re starting out, getting a versatile set will be such a help. A lot of my alphabet stamp sets either have 2 styles, or an upper and lower case. Bonus if they have numbers. It’s so practical and a great way to get the most out of your stamps.

For decorative elements, I went with the same style as my setup – a main washi style, coordinating washi, and matching Acrylograph pens. Super simple and enough colour to make it fun but keep the functionality. Now let’s get into the layouts.

Monthly View Dashboard

Starting off my quarterly content planning with a three-month overview, looking at important dates, to dos, and picking out a mini goal to focus on for the quarter. My hope is to complete the mini goal within the quarter, and, of course, if I am waiting on something, I can work on a second mini goal. For this first quarter, I have a big mini goal which should probably be a main goal, but I will take the time I need to get it done.

Content Planning my Newsletter

Newsletter – The Creative Canvas

My next page as part of my quarterly content planning is to capture Newsletter related ideas. My initial thought process was to capture layout ideas for my newsletter. But I kind of just powered through my newsletter redesign and don’t really need these pages. Instead, I’m using them as to do lists for what I need to finish for the newsletter. Also, I am now calling my newsletter the Creative Canvas. I am sharing journaling prompts, and theme ideas, and of course, will be sharing tutorials and my own work. So, feel free to join for a little creative boost every month.

Quarterly Content Planning – Workflow

This is where all the magic happens! The BONES of my quarterly content planning in a bullet journal. I created this layout before in a previous bullet journal setup and I am so excited to bring it back! Basically, it’s a Kanban board in a notebook. I will be using sticky notes and they will make their way through the workflow, starting with Ideas and then into In Progress. My Ongoing category will include Monthly Setups and keeping up with Creative Canvas prompts.

Expedited means layouts that need to be done as soon as possible (looking at my September journaling prompts…). And then the last category being On Hold. Can’t foresee using this square too much (hopefully), but you never know.

I have started colour coordinating the sticky notes for Bullet Journal content, Reviews, Tutorials, and social only posts. This is a very fluid situation and will change as I a.) run out of sticky notes, b.) inevitably change my mind because something else works better. Once I have completed the task, it will move on to the calendars.

Bullet Journal Productivity Ideas


Each month has its own calendar for scheduling completed layouts and tasks. My plan is to put the sticky note on the day I plan to publish the content. I am working toward 2 posts a week but I also have big ideas and dreams for some of these posts so we will see. Might gradually move to 2 posts every other week, and then 2 a week.

These layouts are super straightforward. My sticky notes don’t quite fit but so long as I can see the dates, it’s fine (picture the dog drinking coffee while a fire burns in the background meme. LOL).  As I mentioned in my setup post, I will be working with my Notion to keep a handle on all of this. I had a good thing going with my newsletter this month, but I will keep you updated if you are interested in hearing more about this process.

Calendar Layout Inspiration
Bullet Journal Calendar Inspo
Square Bullet Journal Inspo

Quarter in Review

I really felt that I should include a review of the quarter and check in to see how it went. My categories on this page include,

  • What went well,
  • What to work on (in terms of my system, my processes),
  • How my goals progressed,
  • My focus for the next quarter,
  • What I am leaving behind, and
  • What I am excited for.

I adapted these prompts from various goal planners and one pager’s etc. I just went with what I was willing to answer and what I saw value in. That’s my favourite part about bullet journals – just doing your own thing and changing it if it doesn’t work!

Quarterly Content Planning Overview

Now to Actually Use My Quarterly Content Planner

Since filming this quarterly content planning in a bullet journal, I have started using it. I do find it helpful to see everything all together, relying on notion to gather ideas and follow the templates so I don’t forget something. Overall, I am super happy with how this is going – Lol, even though it’s barely been a month! My biggest downfall is definitely time, but my goal is to work with my existing content while creating new, fresh content.

Let me know what you think and if you are considering content planning, or if you’re in the content planning space. If you’re using any of these layouts, tag me on Instagram @natashamillercreates so I can see how you are using it! I always love seeing different variations. It can be so inspiring and bridge a gap in someone’s process. As always, thank you so much for your time and I will see you in the next one!

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