Q3 2021 Favourite Things

I can’t believe it’s already time for me to share my Q3 2021 Favourite Things. These are supplies or items that I’ve used in the last 3 months and really enjoyed, or appreciated. There wasn’t really anything too new, or anything that I got to really get comfortable with, so nothing too groundbreaking on here. If you want to listen or see some really fun lettering with paint pens, check out my YouTube video here. Otherwise, let’s get into it!

Q3 2021 Favourite Things

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Q3 2021 Favourite Things: B5 Bullet Journal

Here it is! In writing! I am officially converted to a B5 bullet journal (for now :P). Since August, I have been using my Archer and Olive B5 Dot Grid Notebook. The size is perfect to allow creative and functional planning! I’ve actually been using my monthly layouts since the squares are big enough to write things in. And then, of course, I have been decorating my layouts to my heart’s content, as you can see in my September and October layouts.

My bullet journal is from Archer and Olive. If you are curious to try out this size (or just grab a beautiful new notebook), I am lucky enough to offer you 10% off with my code, NML10.

B5 Bullet Journal Favourite Things

Q3 2021 Favourite Things: Plum Paper Customizable Planner

If you have been following me for a while, it’s safe to assume I’m a bullet journal purist. But, as I’m sure you’re well aware, sometimes you need a little bit of help. For me, that help comes in the form of Plum Paper’s customizable planners. This is the second one I have ordered. I didn’t use last year’s as much as I would’ve liked to (but we all vaguely remember the dumpster fire that was 2020), but I was a lot more intentional when customizing this planner.

The options are almost overwhelming, so definitely go in with an idea of what you want in a planner. I went for a vertical layout (separating the different aspects of my professional life – this is for work pre-planning), and I included goal sheets, blog planning, and a habit tracker. That just scratches the surface of what you can do though. Even the headings in your weekly planner space is customizable. But the best part for me, you get to choose your start date!

I find it to be reasonably priced and, well, the shipping was incredible! It shipped and was delivered within a week and a half of ordering it. I don’t know what magic shipping fairies they have working for them, but so many thanks!

2021 Favourite Planner Stationery

Q3 2021 Favourite Things: Distress Oxide Stamp Ink

While these aren’t a new to me supply, it has been so much fun getting back to using these stamp pads! It’s so fun to build backgrounds with these inks in my journal. When I first started creative journaling, these were one of the first supplies I bought (outside of pens and markers), and I have never regretted it. I started with the smaller Distress Ink pads, since they come in packs of 4 and are a little more affordable. But the Distress Oxide inks are so much easier to blend since they are a lot creamier. My favourite setup (so far), using these has been my August setup. I also shared a tutorial on how to blend these, if you’d like some tips and tricks.

If you’re not sure if these inks will work in your planner or journal, you can check out my blog post comparing different inks and journals.

2021 Favourite Stationery Things

Honourable Mention: Silhouette Cameo 4

I felt a little silly including this in my favourite things since I have been lucky enough to have a paper cutter for a while. My first one was a Cricut when they still had the super bulky cartridges! I was so excited to buy one after saving up. I have since moved on to Silhouette and a couple of years ago, bought the Cameo 4. It’s definitely a love/hate relationship, but this last month I was so grateful for the versatility.

So, I primarily use my machine for cutting stickers, and I get so bogged down in stickers, that I forget the other things it can cut. The software is so extensive, I would go so far as to compare some of it’s features to Adobe Illustrator, with how you can manipulate and adjust images. I’m so used to doing that outside of Silhouette Design Studio that I really don’t appreciate how much this machine (and it’s software), is truly capable of.

I was able to work on some gifts for some good friends of ours and having the ability to create, adjust, print, and cut the images was so easy and convenient. Hence the honourable mention.

I hope you enjoyed my Q3 2021 Favourite Things breakdown. Not going to lie, as I was typing this up I remembered another item I wanted to include but we will leave that for Q4.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I will be more than happy to help and/or answer any questions you may have.

Thank you so much for your time today!

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