Pineapple Bullet Journal Setup

Pineapple Bullet Journal Setup

Its finally time to share my June Pineapple Bullet Journal Setup! I was so excited to doodle the pineapples and then to share them with my email subscribers. You can sign up down below or in the side panel for exclusive access to the From Blank to Brilliant Library. You can find my setup video here.

June’s bullet journal setup was pretty simple, using layouts I’ve used before. The biggest difference is the inclusion of a tracker page. I also downsized the mood tracker into a simple tracker instead. The elaborate mood trackers I had been creating just weren’t do anything for me anymore so I changed it. This right here is the best part of bullet journaling! If it doesn’t work, change it or get rid of it!

Pineapple Bullet Journal Setup Supplies

Again, my supplies were pretty standard (for me) this month. The new pineapple sticker sets, my crayola supertips, my Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal, and my Tombow Mono Drawing Pens.

The best part of having similar colour schemes to my May setup is that I had my markers and washi all set up and picked out! Both simple and convenient.

June Layouts

Since Hobonichi Weeks planners became very popular, I’ve always been curious to try them. I didn’t want to buy another planner though so I never purchased one but I thought the layout would be fun to recreate in a bullet journal. I figured now is the perfect time since I don’t have much going on during the days, AND there’s space for my task logging. I’ll be using this layout throughout the month of June and I can’t wait to play and explore with it.

Next change is a tracker page. If you have read any previous posts, you’ll know I struggle with trackers. I recently started working out again so thought I would try trackers again. For the last couple of months, I have been doing elaborate mood trackers and I am always left scrambling trying to remember how I was feeling everyday over the span of sometimes a week. I decided to keep it simple for June and see how it goes.

June Doodle Challenge

The doodle challenge for June is Fruit Bowl. Basically we’ll be doodling fruit all month. I thought something simple and summery would be fun to do, adding pops of colour to my almost monotone pineapple colour scheme. If you want to join in on Instagram, make sure to tag me @natashamillerletters and use the hashtag @b2bfruitbowl. You can download the prompt list here:

I hope you enjoy next month’s setup and try some of the elements. If you do use the free stickers, please tag me as I would love to see how you create with them!

Talk Soon!

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