Drawing Pen Comparison

Pen Review: Black Drawing Pen Comparison

In today’s post and video, I am testing and reviewing the JetPens Drawing Pen Sampler – Fine Tip. You can watch the video here but below I have summarized my review. Since the picture is a bit small, I have included a pdf. download file for you.


I want to start with a quick disclaimer. Paper choice is everything! I used the Rhodia dot grid paper pad to do the testing. This is smoother than average paper so I just want you to know that these would work differently on planners such as Erin Condren or Happy Planner. In the short clip I share below, I used a Moleskin notebook for your reference. Now, on to the pens!

What’s Included in the Black Drawing Pen Sample Pack?

This sample is the fine tip drawing pens and included the following brands and sizes:

  • Rotring Tikky Graphic 0.3 size
  • Le Pen Drawing Pen 0.3 size
  • Pilot Drawing Pen (Water based) 0.3 size
  • Sakura Microperm 0.3 size
  • Staedtler Fineliner F
  • Pilot Drawing Pen (Alcohol based) 0.3 size
  • Sakura Micron 0.2 size
  • Stabilo Sensor F
  • Uni Pen 0.3 size
  • Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.3 size
  • Zig Mangak 0.2 size
Drawing Pen Comparison

Drawing Pen Comparison Summary Chart

I’ve included a summary chart below, looking at the size, cost, intensity, smudging (hand, eraser, and highlighter), and ghosting and bleeding. I use these pens specifically in my bullet journal which is why the above mentioned criteria is important to me.

In case you have issues reading the image, I am including a downloadable file:

I hope you have found this information useful. Are any of these pens in your favourites category? Let me know down in the comments. I always love seeing other peoples’ favourite pens and why they like them! Sometimes there are other applications that I don’t realize and then I like to test it out.

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