Ohuhu Acrylic Marker Review

I am back today with an Ohuhu Acrylic Marker review. Just like most of my reviews lately, I’ve been wanting to try these for a while and have finally gotten around to reviewing them for you. As you know, I am a die hard Archer and Olive Acrylograph user, and I loved the Arrtx acrylic markers, but I went in open minded to give these a chance. Over on my YouTube channel, I have the full video review, otherwise, read about my experience below.

I bought these with my own money, and as always, I try to present a fair, unbiased opinion. But, being human, I obviously have an opinion, so you will find that at the end!

Ohuhu Acrylic Marker Review

Ohuhu Acrylic Marker Review General Specifics

The Ohuhu Acrylic Markers are available on Amazon and I paid $40.00 CAD for them. They come in a set of 30 and are double sided – they have a bullet tip and a fine tip. There is a great variety of colours (more on that below), and are very vivid and opaque. The box they come in have an insert to keep them in place, so you may be tempted to store them vertically, but they should be stored horizontally. This is common with acrylic paint pens. They do mention that it is a water based, low-odour ink, bright colours, good coverage, and that they work on most surfaces.

The barrel on the pen is thicker toward the bullet tip, and thins toward the fine tip. They do have colour collars around the pens which are mostly helpful. They are labelled with a number and a name on the bullet tip lid, and the colours have easy and appropriate names.

Paint Pen Review

Functionality Review

One of my favourite parts of paint pens is the ability to layer them. So if you colour a flower, for example, you can go over top and add details with a different colour. These pens did really well with layering. Using a lighter colour on top of a (completely dried) dark colour worked really well. The white was very opaque too. It did cause a lot of warping on the page, and the darker colours (the darker blue and the black), did have a bit of bleed through (and I was using 160 GSM paper).

I found that the pens dried flat and smooth on the white paper, but there was a lot of ridging when I turned the page. I also found the neon colours didn’t work as well on the craft paper and the blackout paper. But it did look great on the white paper.

Normally, I would do a paint test and a blend test. While I didn’t do that this time around, I did find the paint to be very watery and didn’t dry right away, so blending colours together should be possible. I wouldn’t do it in my journal though since it probably would bleed through (like the black and the dark blue).

Ohuhu Acrylic Marker Review

Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful metallic pens
  • Reasonable price for 30 pens
  • Great to have the 2 size options
  • The barrel of the pen was sized based on the tip which is a nice touch
  • On white paper, the neon colours really pop
  • They are great for layering


  • The darker colours bleed through 160GSM paper
  • Activating them was a workout – took A LOT of compressing the tips to get the ink to flow
  • There is a lot of warping and ridging on the back of the page
  • The neon colours don’t look good on black paper
  • A second orange and yellow option would be great (like the green, blue, and purple have)
  • I wouldn’t blend these directly in a journal – they will definitely bleed

Ohuhu Acrylic Marker Review – Final Thoughts

I write this post a few days after filming the review and it was a challenge to be excited about them. They are good quality for the price point – which is right in Ohuhu’s target. Other than the metallic colours, they’re not really all the exciting. After the bleeding and warping on my 160 GSM page, my brain just moved on from them. I REALLY hate bleed through and ghosting! These basically hit the mark for all of my 160 GSM pet peeves.

Having dual tips is very useful but the bullet tip is what caused the bleed through. So if I were to use these in my journal, I would stay away from the bullet tip. I may use these in art projects and my sketchbooks. I feel like I am being really hard on these pens but I much prefer the Arrtx paint pens which are slightly more expensive .

Have you tried these? Let me know in the comments what you think. Let me know if there are any other products I should try!

EDIT: I have purchased the newer version of these and will be doing an Ohuhu Redemption Review when I get the chance.

Thank you for your time today, and I will see you in the next one!

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