October Bullet Journal Setup

October Bullet Journal Setup 2022

Finally sharing my October Bullet Journal Setup 2022. On one hand, I feel like I let myself down finishing it so late. On the other hand, I’m proud that I pushed through and got it done! I had grand plans for this and spent weeks sketching and colouring a design, only to have my Silhouette Cameo update and decide to no longer read the registration marks on my sticker sheet (IYKYK). Instead of hand cutting all of the intricate pieces, I decided to go with my instincts and put together a mixed media/junk journaling-type setup. Below I share my supplies and my process, and what this whole month has taught me. If you want to watch the process, and hear my congested self, you can head on over to my Channel. But otherwise, let’s get into it!

October Bullet Journal Setup

October Bullet Journal 2022 Supplies

October Setup Layouts

I am sticking to what has been working for me – cover pages, monthly pages, notes, habits, and then on to my weeklies. I find I am using my calendar page the most out of all the layouts so this month I made it bigger to accommodate more writing. It is also super simple with goals, priorities, and a small to-do section. My previous calendar pages were a bit over the top but given the overall theme of the setup this month, I kept this page simple!

Bullet Journal Monthly Setup

For my weekly, I am back to a dutch door and am so excited! I love dutch doors and as the kids have so many extracurriculars and I am getting busier with work, it’s great to have the extra space. My biggest downfall in this month’s weeklies is that it may be too complex for keeping up with as the month goes on. I might carve out some time and set up the rest of the month in one sitting, but that’s not alway practical for me.

And then, of course, my notes and habit tracker pages. I have yet to find a habit tracker setup that I like and encourages me to keep up with it. But I do love these metal stencils from Erin Floto Designs. They are super fun to incorporate into different themes. This month, for example, I went for a crystal ball type effect.

Recreating this Setup

Given the sheer amount of supplies, I wanted to help encourage you to try at least some of this setup. You don’t need all the things and you don’t have to recreate everything, but rather look at individual elements and try a new technique, or a different way of doing the technique. I’ve mentioned before that my experimentation is in art journals. A lot of these techniques and effects were born in those art journals.

So if you’re not comfortable experimenting in your own journal (they can be expensive, I know!), grab some paper and just start putting things down on a page. If you would like more information on a specific element or technique, just et me know and I’ll be happy to share.

B5 Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

October Bullet Journal Setup 2022 Overall Takeaways

I feel like I learned a lot with this setup. For one, I got to go back to setting up journals the way I used to. Don’t get me wrong, I love illustrating and coming up with new themes and designs (like my August Setup for example), but working within the confines of the ephemera was kind of refreshing. I become overwhelmed by to many options very easily, and it’s become almost a ritual before I start drawing my monthly illustrations – I procrastinate for as long as possible (lately its become longer and longer), until I eventually am forced to go with my original idea since I have run out of time.

Secondly, I got to live in the moment this month. Everything I had planned out went down the drain (along with the time I spent trying to fix my Silhouette Cameo), so I was left to use what I had and creating as I went. Every turn of the page was a blank canvas to throw stuff down on to see what works! Add in my self-imposed time constraint, it was actually a lot of fun, and like I said earlier, refreshing.

I hope this helps inspire you to stop overthinking and to just start doing! Creating in the moment has become so important to my creative health – avoiding creative burn out and creator’s block. So this kind of setup is a 10/10 – would recommend!

As always, feel free to reach out with any comments or questions! And tag me if you recreate or try anything you saw.

Talk soon!

October Bullet Journal Setup
Weekly Setup

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