New Patreon Content Announcement!

Finally, I have a new Patreon content announcement for you! I feel like I have been MIA on the blog, especially last month, but I was definitely busy creating content… for you! I talk about this over on YouTube, which you can check out here, but, as always, you can read more information below.

New Patreon Content Announcement

New Patreon Content Announcement

I am launching a Creative Journaling Patreon, called From Blank to Brilliant Library! I feel like everyone and their dog has a Patreon, but hear me out! I will be teaching you lettering and doodle tutorials to help you build your creative journaling skills. When learning creative journaling, practice is the most critical first step. This is hard to grasp when you barely have any time for yourself as is, but hear me out!

The second step to creative journaling is finding your style, and learning to accept it! This last point is absolutely key! Your stuff needs to look like your stuff. And learning to accept it, and love it, helps keep the comparison trap at bay.

By now, you’re probably thinking, okay sure, I’ve heard it before. But! This is where what I’m offering you is different.


Every month, I will give you access to a lettering tutorial, a doodle tutorial, teach you a technique, and then show you how to combine what we have learned so far. I have chosen a word and a shape for every month which we’ll be using as the foundation for our lettering and doodles. Included in the package will be 3 colour palettes, as well as 5 journal prompts to help inspire journaling.


For the lettering component, I will be teaching one style every month, breaking it down into smaller, bite size pieces. Even though we’ll be lettering one specific word a month, my tutorial will be generalized enough to apply to other letters. This way, it doesn’t feel quite so overwhelming and focuses your lettering per month. We will be using shapes as guides to build letters and/or words. So it all ties into the doodling component too.


As I mentioned, we will be using a shape every month to guide your doodling. When you look at an object as a whole, it can be SUPER intimidating. But, in my personal experience, breaking it down into simple shapes makes such a difference. I can’t wait to start sharing these steps with you!


We will be looking at different techniques that help elevate your creative journaling. Now, I know you may be seeing dollar signs and think you have to buy a bunch of stuff, but that’s not going to be the case at all. I really want to focus on using what you have. So I will be sharing work arounds for any specialty products. (I may also run a giveaway or two…). If you want to buy the supplies, you are more than welcome to do so too!

Journaling/Quote Pages

For the 4th week of the month, we will be combining what we’ve learned and doing some journaling to get the juices flowing, as well as lettering a quote (to make sure we get that practice in).

Then what…

In months with 5 weeks, we are going to get crafty with some fun tutorials for dashboards, stationery, cards, etc..

From Blank to Brilliant Patreon Journal Page

Sign me up!

If this sounds like the ideal concept to you, you can head on over and join the club on Patreon.

If you would like to give the course a trial run, you can check out the Preview here!

I hope you’re as excited as I am to have you join the From Blank to Brilliant Library! Hope to see you over there!

Talk soon!

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