New Bullet Journal Setup 2024

Here we go: my new bullet journal setup 2024. Nothing beats opening up a new journal for a new year! In this setup, I am sharing the layouts I am using as well as why I am using them. For 2024, I am still in a B5 notebook from Archer and Olive. This one is from their winter Nostalgia collection. (And I may have my mid-year migration journal already picked out.) Setting up a new journal at the beginning of the year is my favourite thing to do! It feels like new opportunities are on the horizon and there’s so much to look forward to. It may fall apart a little throughout the year, but it’s always great to feel ready. As always, I have my video up on YouTube if you want to follow along. For more layout ideas, you can check out my how to set up a new bullet journal blog post. But for now, let’s get into my new bullet journal setup.

Hew Bullet Journal Setup 2024 Supplies

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The Nuts and Bolts

Future Log

It wouldn’t be a new bullet journal setup without starting with a future log. When feeling overwhelmed by having a blank page of a new notebook staring up at you, it’s always nice to have your go-to pages. A future log is a great way to settle the butterflies and get started. Here, I am using the Subway Lowercase stamp set for the main heading (which I carry throughout the various layouts). The monthly headings are from the Studio L2E stamp set. These kinds of alphabet sets are so versatile since they are 2 in 1 – the solid stamp, and the outline stamp. I thought it would be fun to mix it up throughout the layout and I love how it turned out.

New Bullet Journal Setup
New Bullet Journal Setup

Book Catalogue

This layout builds upon a layout from a previous setup. The previous layout wasn’t enough space so I wanted to capture more books, as well as more information about the format. So I created this layout including headings for done, fiction, non-fiction, audio book, e-book, and book. I went a little overboard stamping the squares (stamp set from The Sassy Club) into the columns but I thought it was fun and I really like the whimsy of the layout. Now, I need to add my books to this layout and start ticking off the boxes.

Course Catalogue

Just like my book catalogue layout, I included a course catalogue layout too. This is also an extended version of a layout from a previous bullet journal setup. On these pages, I include the name of the course, the teacher, the platform – so circle, teachable, self-hosted, etc. – whether it was paid for (or free) and then if it’s done. I included a note section too to rate/jot down some thoughts about the course. Each line is 2 dot grids wide which should be enough space to write the information down. One of my goals for 2024 is to finish at least half of the courses I have paid for. But fun fact: I have a collaboration coming out for a course I actually did background work on (as opposed to paying for it). So I think it’s safe to say that this last course followed me home!

Memories Layout

This is always a fun spread to include and I decided to add it to my new bullet journal setup 2024. As you can see, this is a 2 page layout to capture memories. My plan is to document one picture a month with a little bit of journaling. The measurements for the photos are based off of the HP Sprocket, but I added a small border around the photo measurement. It will obviously take a little while to finish this layout but hoping to share as the months race (let’s be serious – time is FLYING), by.

I want…

This layout makes me feel a bit weird to be honest. I created this spread last year too and really liked having it. I did use it, and filled some of the boxes, but didn’t really track or do anything with what I wrote down. So my intention with this layout is to capture my intangible wants. I won’t be included stuff, but rather dreams and goals, treating this more like a manifestation board. I probably won’t use all of the boxes, but liked the aesthetic of filling up the page. This layout will most likely act as a jumping off point for my 2024 goals.

Bullet Journal Setup Inspiration
Layouts ideas for a new bullet journal

Note to Self and Wishlist

I have included this layouts on and off throughout my new bullet journal setups. Next year, I am hoping to use the note to self page for quotes that I like, as well as affirmations. Just words that may have had an impact on me and that I want to remember.

For the wish list, another goal for 2024 is to be more intentional with my spending. I have so much stuff (and there’s ALWAYS new product coming out), that I want to capture these items here. The Need column will be for products I have used up that I want to replace, because outside of that scenario, I don’t need very much.


Hahaha so hear me out on this one. I have yet to choose my 2024 word of the year. I am hoping to use this page to capture words that resonate with me. In the past, I have felt that sometimes other words may fit a scenario better, or a secondary word would be nice to keep in mind too. So while my word of the year will get most of the attention, I wanted to keep these other words as mantras almost. Plus, its a great resource for picking out future words of the year. I am still deciding if this will be a long form or a short form video. Let me know if you would like more detail on the process and behind the scenes,

Word of the year layout

Let’s Gooooooo…

As I mentioned above, new bullet journal setups make me so excited and make me feel ready for the year ahead. I hope you enjoyed today’s setup. For more ideas, make sure to sign up for my From Blank to Brilliant (B2B) newsletter, where I share ideas for your bullet journal every month. You can also check out my how to setup a bullet journal for more inspiration.

If you recreate any of these layouts, I would love to see. Tag me on Instagram @natashamillercreates so that I can share your recreation. As always, thank you so much for your time today!

See you in the next one!

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