New 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

I am back with a new 2022 Bullet Journal Setup! My first one (of 2022) is almost finished so I am setting up a new bullet journal for the rest of 2022. After much thought and consideration, I am mostly happy with the layouts I have chosen. To get an idea of my process, you can check out my post here, but to see what I included this time around, check out my new video here!

New 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

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New 2022 Bullet Journal Setup Supplies

New 2022 Bullet Journal Setup Layouts

Every page has a tab which I have loved having! For my theme/aesthetic, I chose florals. The twist for this journal is using a circle stencil and only colouring what falls in the circle. I wasn’t sure I could make it work but I love how it turned out – adds a fun abstract element. But, onto the layouts.

Future Log/Year at a Glance

Starting off with a more typical layout from the Bullet Journal Method, a future log, or year at a glance. I love having this layout to keep track of future events, such as trips, birthdays, school start dates, etc. I used the calendar stamp set from my own shop and it makes it so easy to throw this layout together

New Bullet Journal Setup B5

Content Ideas

This is more of a brain dump page. In the past, I have had a more structured layout to capture ideas and schedules. I have since moved that scheduling into Notion and Asana, which are 2 digital productivity tools. I am finding my journal and these digital tools to be working well for me right now. Once I have a more solid handle, I would love to share how I use them together.

B5 New Bullet Journal Setup

Video/Blog Kanban Board

This is more of a task list than a Kanban board but it started as a Kanban board and now it has stuck with me. Before, I had separate lists for my blog and videos but I combined it this time. I am excited to have it all on one page instead of flipping back and forth.

New 2022 Bullet Journal Setup - Video Kanban Board


I kept my budget summary. Didn’t get much out of this in my last journal but wanted to give it another try. I like to be able to grab a quick glance at where things are at. My detailed accounting is kept separately so I am still experimenting with this layout.

Budget bullet journal setup

Project List

My project list layout first came to be in my April setup. It was super overwhelming to have that many projects for one month. I’ve decided to work on one large (personal) project a month, so I captured this in my setup. I hope I will be able to stay on task without getting super overwhelmed. Now, these action steps will have small tasks to get done, but again, that is captured in my Notion and Asana apps.

Project List B5 Bujo Setup


I went with an expanded book list for this journal. I don’t read enough to warrant a full reading journal. So this layout captures what I read, the author, platform, purpose, rating, and then 3 things about the book. For platform and purpose, I included a little dutch door key to remember what the abbreviations mean. This key includes:


  • A = Audio Book
  • E = E Book
  • B = Book


  • W = work
  • P = pleasure
  • I = improvement
Book List Layout Idea

Courses and Wish List

These layouts are kind of dud layouts BUT I had a genius idea for my wish list which I am excited to share a tutorial with you shortly. Courses are pretty straightforward. I haven’t really had the time to take/finish any so hoping to use this layout to keep them on my radar.

Courses and Wish List Layout

Year in Colour

Lol! So I am MOST excited about this layout! I plan on recording the colour palettes I have used throughout the year. Instead of capturing themes, which is super fun too, I want to see the pattern in my colour selection and compare it month to month, year to year. Colour is such a wonderful indicator of my moods/what I’m going through. So, I can’t wait to see how this layout turns out.

Year in Colour Layout Setup

I hope this gives you some insight into why I chose my layouts and some inspiration behind your own new 2022 bullet journal setup. I’m always so excited to start a new journal and this one is no exception. My intentions behind the layouts are solid so hoping I will be better about using them!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I would love to help! Otherwise, thank you so much for your time today!

Talk soon!

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