Moonlit Moths Bullet Journal Setup

It’s time for my second favourite time of the year so I am sharing my Moonlit Moths bullet journal setup. This is the theme I chose for October, combining moths, moons, and poisonous florals for the accent. I am particularly proud of this setup since I designed the paper that goes with the stickers, and I have these available for free download (for a limited time) for my creative canvas email subscribers. I have the video setup for you here, but let’s get into it!

October Bullet Journal Setup

Moonlit Moths Setup Supplies

Moonlit Moths Bullet Journal Setup

I kept the same layouts as previous setups since this works the best for me. The cover page, calendar, notes pages, and my weeklies. The 2 differences are a doodle page, and I did a different hand lettered page.

Brace yourselves for a second but “back in my day” of journaling (LOL), doodle and lettering challenges were huge. They’re still around but not nearly as popular as before. These challenges where instrumental for me to improve my drawing and illustration skills, plus they are fantastic idea generators for pattern designs. So this month, I will be participating in one. I am leaning toward The Pigeon Letters one unless I find another I like. I am also sharing prompts and challenges in my creative canvas email to help spur creativity. If you’re interested, you can sign up (plus get access to a bunch of freebies and limited time printables).

Moonlit Moths Bullet Journal Setup

Paper Collage

The second page that’s a bit different for me is the hand lettered cover page. Normally, I create these in Procreate but decided to do a collage using the Moonlit Moths paper I created. I printed the patterns on 120GSM paper which is not too thick and tears so easily.

It took a bit of time to decide how I wanted to layer the paper but once I was happy, I cut an oval out of the black dot grid notepad and lettered with a Uni Posca Paint pen. I add a sticker to the bottom of the oval, drew a rough oval with a drawing pen around the paper oval and was done. I carried the collage aspect into the rest of my layouts for the moonlit moth bullet journal setup, complimenting the patterned paper with black dot grid paper and the coordinating Moonlit Moth stickers. I also think craft paper would look so great with these patterns.

Hand Lettering Inspiration

Planner Pet Peeves

Setting up my weeklies in one sitting has made such a difference in how I use my bullet journal – which is consistently! Although, October always triggers on of my planning pet peeves. My general setup formula for the final week of the month is as follows: whichever month has 3 or more days in that week will get the week. Firstly, I am a Monday-start snob! Always, lol! So, May 2024 starts on a Wednesday. So the last week of my April setups will be the week of 22nd – 28th, and the 29th – 30th will be setup as part of May.

October is always different for me. For this year, October 30th and 31st is a Monday and a Tuesday. Normally, I would add them to November. But I cannot, in good conscious, add Halloween to November! My pet peeve is adding Halloween to a November month because of a formula I have followed for 7 years, LOL! Turns out, I’m not as flexible as I thought.

Bullet Journal Inspiration

More October Bullet Journal Setup Inspiration

I wanted to share more October bullet journal setup inspiration for you. As I mention above, this is my second most favourite time of the year (September being my first, December being my third), so I love sharing more spooky inspiration.

Wrapping It Up

If you made it this far, thank you so much for your time! Time flies this time of year, so I am already thinking ahead to November (I struggle with ideas for November setups). But September isn’t even over yet so let’s not get too ahead!

I hope you enjoyed today’s setup and get a chance to use the free printable papers (while available). Please tag me on Instagram @natashamillercreates if you use it. I would love to see how you create with them.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out or leave a comment down below.

Weekly Bullet Journal Inspo
Moonlit Moths Bullet Journal Setup
Bullet Journal Weeklies
Moonlit Moths Bullet Journal Setup

Talk soon!

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