Modern Calligraphy Ribbon Lettering Tutorial

Modern Calligraphy Ribbon Lettering Tutorial

Modern Calligraphy Ribbon Lettering Tutorial

For this month’s creative post, I want to share a modern calligraphy ribbon lettering tutorial. This is one of my favourite lettering styles to create, and since I used it in my previous post (Mid-March Bullet Journal Setup), I thought I would share a tutorial with you.

Ribbon Lettering Supplies

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Supplies for this technique are pretty simple. You need two water-based markers in similar colours. I used Tombow Dual Brush pens, but I have also successfully created this effect with Crayolas. I also used pencil and a black drawing pen/fine liner.

Modern Calligraphy Ribbon Lettering Supplies

Modern Calligraphy Ribbon Lettering Tutorial: Tips and Tricks

1. Once you have done your calligraphy (faux or brush pen), use a pencil to extend the curves of your letters. This will help to determine the twists of the “ribbon”.

Modern Calligraphy Ribbon Lettering Tutorial

2. Now you can go in and start adding colour. I like to start with a little bit of colour and then add more as I go.

Modern Calligraphy Ribbon Lettering Tutorial

3. For blending, you can use a blender pen or a water brush. If using a blender pen, gently work the darker colour into the lighter colour along the “ribbon” of the letter. If using a water brush, make sure to go over the entire letter otherwise you will have a partial water coloured letter that looks odd (been there :D).

Another option is to fill the darker areas completely for a more obvious effect. Both styles can be really cool!

Modern Calligraphy Ribbon Lettering Tutorial

Once the colour dries, I like to go in with a .1 size fine liner and add some hatching to the beginning and ending of each ribbon stroke. This just emphasizes the shadow effect.

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful and you’re excited to try this technique on your own lettering. If you would like to see more lettering tutorials. let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for your time today!

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