Mid Year Bullet Journal Flip Through

Can’t believe it’s time to share a mid year bullet journal flip through already! It’s such a great opportunity to reflect back on the year so far, see what worked, what didn’t, and what to approve upon. I share the full flip through over on YouTube that you can check out, but below I share some thoughts as well as a mini gallery of my cover pages.

Mid Year Bullet Journal Flip Through

So without further ado, here we go!

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Bullet Journal Setup Supplies

A couple of months into 2021, I switched to an Archer & Olive A5 notebook. For the rest of 2021, I have chosen an Archer & Olive B5 notebook and I am loving it. I love the thicker, bright white paper as it really allows my colours and designs to pop. I have since become an Affiliate for Archer & Olive, so it you want to give them a try, you can use my Affiliate link and NML10 for 10% off.

The next consistent stationery supply is the stickers and washi that I design. I have these available both in the Store, as well as some designs for limited free download to email subscribers, in the From Blank to Brilliant Library. The stickers are available for free download for a couple of months before they become exclusively available in the Shop.

I am obviously a pen person, so my go-to pens include the following:

Bullet Journal Flip Through

Mid-Year Bullet Journal Flip Through Thoughts

Since I switched bullet journals a couple of months into 2021, I got to do 2 different setups. This meant I was able to add layouts almost right away. It also meant that I didn’t get to thoroughly work with the layouts, so I just recreated many of them. You can check out my first setup here, and my second setup here. If you’re asking yourself why I switched so quickly, long story short, because I wanted to. It’s one of my favourite things about bullet journaling – you do what you want, when you want!

Flipping through my journal, I realized I suck at consistently using habit trackers. I want to use them, as I set them up every month, but I can definitely do better when it comes to that. Same for my calendar but I like having the calendar to reference back to so I will definitely be keeping that moving forward.

Mid Year Bujo Flip Through

I guess the most important thing I wanted to stress about bullet journaling is how it works for you. So although I don’t use my bullet journal as much as I want to, and a lot of layouts go empty, the value for me lies in the creativity. Creating and decorating beautiful layouts is where bullet journaling holds the most value for me. I know a lot of people talk about productivity and long-form journaling as their outlet, but it’s all about the creativity for me. I think I mentioned creativity enough to express how much it means to me. But the takeaway here is, allow your journal to work for you. If it’s about productivity, research, explore, and experiment with what works for you. I knew from day one that I wanted to do creative journaling, but that’s not to say it didn’t serve other functions first.

When I first got started it was to help me keep track of our big move. We were moving from Canada to the US and there was a lot to keep track of. When we got settled, I had some time to play, experiment, and learn about creative journaling. When I had my second baby, I didn’t have the capacity to creatively plan anymore, so I moved to a more traditional planner. Only in November 2019 did I pick up a bullet journal again, and I am so happy to be back!

So use it for what YOU want and how YOU want!

Mid-Year Bullet Journal Flip Through Cover Gallery

As I step off my soap box, lol, I wanted to share my cover pages throughout the last 7 months. I hope you enjoy and if you decide to use any of these images as inspiration, please tag me on Instagram @natashamillerletters, as I would love to see how you bring the words and images to life.

As always, thank you so much for your time today. I really appreciate your time. As always, please let me know if you have any more questions, or comments.

Talk soon!

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