May Bullet Journal Setup 2024

My May Bullet Journal Setup 2024 is a go! I chose an apple theme for May. It wasn’t my original idea I wanted to go with, but time was not on my side so I got creative. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may recognize these images. I took a previous design, changed up the colours, added a couple new patterns, and boom! Done! I’ll get more into that below, but let’s talk the fun stuff first – supplies! (I have my video setup here if you prefer to watch.)

May Bullet Journal Setup 2024

Bullet Journal Setup Supplies

Monthly Bullet Journal Layout

May Bullet Journal Setup

I have included a cover page, calendar, monthly overview, my weekly layouts for every week in May, and then a month in review page. These layouts are the same ones I’ve been using since January. I really feel like I have found planner peace in a B5 and these layouts. The weekly layouts in particular have been so helpful.

I have my squares for daily appointments and events, and then my to do list on the right hand side. The left of the to do list is for personal to do items, and the right is for work. As is the case for every month so far, I was late to set this up. I forgot I was setting up the last week of April in May and felt lost without my to do list. I have tons of bits of paper everywhere, but needed my journal. So that was my biggest motivating factor to setting it up.

Weekly Bullet Journal layout

Creative Bullet Journaling 101

As I mentioned, I was late getting my setup done, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t creative journal. Creative journaling is one of the biggest advantages for me. I use it as a creative outlet and a means to reset. A lot of what I do is digital work, so using pen and paper helps me ground myself. It helps to rest my creative energy and inspire new ideas. I do believe that making mistakes helps you to learn. When working with digital tools, it’s so easy to undo any mistakes or errors, minimizing experimentation and learning from mistakes. I also like to practice my lettering and illustration skills through my creative journaling. Without my creative journal, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

I hope you enjoyed today’s setup. For more inspiration, you can check out last year’s setup, or even April’s setup. If you use any of my stickers, I would love to see how you use them. Tag me @natashamillercreates across platforms.

Talk soon!

May Bullet Journal Setup 2024

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