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May Bullet Journal Setup 2021

For my May Bullet Journal Setup 2021, I’m going for the age old “It’s Gonna be May”. Building around this quote, I am including old school music players throughout my layouts for the month of May. As always, I have my YouTube video uploaded for you here, and I have stickers available for purchase or for free download (for email subscribers). You can sign up for the From Blank to Brilliant Library and gain access to free downloads upon confirming your email.

May Bullet Journal Setup 2021 Cover Page


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Layout Basics

I am sticking to my favourite layouts and adding some fun spins to them. As I have been doing since March, I created a pull tab for the cover page. This is a super basic pull tab and the tutorial can be found here.

I also created a horizontal monthly calendar. This is a little out there for me but I wanted to play with the idea of sheet music for this theme. Now considering the sheet music inspired monthly view, I had to go over the top with my habit trackers. Using a circle stencil (one of my new favourite supplies), I drew a circle tracker and turned it into a turn table. I started colouring with my Acrylograph pens, but I didn’t want to use up all of the ink, and it was taking forever, so I switched to gouache paint. Mixing the paint colours to match the Acrylograph colours was so easy, I was able to finish up with the paint. I went in and drew borders around the shapes and filled in any white areas with Acrylographs.

May Bullet Journal Setup Habit Trackers

My brain dump page became a sheet music page because… you know I had to! Lol! And I added stickers around the page, just colouring them in to match my theme colours.

After more interactive and over the top weekly layouts in April, I decided to go back to keeping it simple for May. I did create washi strips to match this theme but decided to use my basics washi instead.

May Monthly View Setup

Theme Ideas

I’m going to take this opportunity to share how I come up with my theme ideas. It can be very frustrating trying to decided what to do to keep it interesting and fresh. This is when I start to engage in word association. For May, I couldn’t get “It’s gonna be May” out of my head. So, I thought about listening to N’Sync as a preteen on my Hifi and discman. I could’ve stopped there but decided to encompass all old school music players. I’m not going to lie, it hurts considering iPods as old school technology, but here we are!

Other May ideas could include “May the Fourth Be With You” which can turn into Star Wars Theme, to planets, to galaxy theme, to aliens, to rocket ships. So you can take a common theme and turn it into something a little different, while still staying on trend (if that is something you want).

May Brain Dump Bullet Journal Setup

So that is my setup for May. Make sure to check out Shop Natasha Miller Letters to grab some washi or the calendar stamp set for your own journal. I’m trying to get ahead and work on future projects now but my procrastination is hitting me hard. I am simultaneously motivated and demotivated, so trying to work through that. let me know if you are experiencing the same mixed emotions and energy.

Thank you so much for your time today!

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