March Bullet Journal Setup 2024

Finally sharing my March Bullet Journal Setup 2024! Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to jazz up our journals with some serious floral flair. It took me quote a while to get going with this setup. I think I changed my theme idea 3 or 4 times before I settled on lilies and vases. February just FLEW by (even though we had an extra day!). But, can we apply some January energy (a month that drags) to February?! You can find my YouTube video of the setup on my channel, but otherwise, let’s dive into March inspired by none other than the majestic lily!

March Bullet Journal Setup 2024

March Bullet Journal Setup 2024 Supplies

March Cover Page

First things first—kicking off my March bullet journal setup with a cover page that’s as fresh as a daisy… or should I say, as vibrant as a lily? Using the Archer and Olive Acrylographs, I painted the water jug vase by expressing the pen onto some palette paper and using a paint brush and some water. I find using this technique gives the picture more texture and I get less hung up on flaws. Plus, it’s a lot quicker this way than colouring with the Acrylograph. By mixing black with the grey paint pen (on the palette paper), I go in and add some shadows, softening the darker edge with the grey paint pen and a dry brush.

Since the stems of the lilies are much smaller, I just colour in with a dark green Acrylograph. For the petals of the lilies, I used a very light blue shade of Acrylograph, and once dry, went over top with a dry brush and white Acrylographa paint pen. This gave it great shadows and texture.

Once dry, I outlined in black and added stamen with the black and yellow pens. Using a brown Acrylograph, I used faux calligraphy to letter March along the side of the jug.

As always, the left hand side had a hand lettered and printed cover page, using the quote “Wait, while I overthink this.”

Calendar Page

Now, let’s move on to the calendar page. I am using the same layout from January and February. I really like having this option to add notes to specific weeks. Again, this layout is from Jess over on YouTube (@jasshicorrin).

I kept my calendar page very simple, opting for function, adding only some faux calligraphy, washi and a sticker. This gives me the option to add an extra space for notes as thing get a bit busier. I did use a simple san serif stamp set (from an Archer and Olive subscription box). While using individual letter stamps takes a while, I find it almost meditative and is one of the few things that keeps my mind clear as I focus on the letter I need next.

Calendar Page Bullet Journal

Monthly Overview

Fan fact: I forgot to include this layout in February. I was so excited to start incorporating it in January, and then completely forgot to include it the next month.

For this layout, I used the same faux calligraphy style and then stamped 5 different sections:

  • Important dates
    • I use this section to highlight important dates to keep in mind for the month. I created 6 spots but might change to only 3, leaving space for notes.
  • Art Licensing
    • This section is for capturing my to dos for my art licensing schedule. I will expand more on this in a future video/blog post.
  • Goals
    • Again, very straight forward. A section to highlight the goals I want to work on for the month. These goals come from my content planner.
  • To Do
    • This is a generic to do section to capture any important tasks coming up. For March, for example, I have some things to get done for April, so I will use this section to capture those to dos.
  • One Little Word
    • This is part of my “finish courses” goal. I am using the One Little Word Project I purchased in 2023 from Ali Edwards to work on my 2024 Word of the Year.
Bullet Journal layout inspiration

Weekly Setups

Last but not least, let’s talk weekly setups. This is where the real magic happens! Keeping the style from the last couple of months, I just change up a couple of things to keep it fun and different. I use horizontal squares to capture my to dos and events for the day. As always, I include my stamped calendar in the top left corner.

On the right hand side of the page, I have a habit tracker – for tracking migraines, water, exercise and vitamins. Then a giant to do list. On the left, I capture personal to dos, and on the right, I capture to dos for work. I have been using this layout for a few months now and find this so helpful for me.

March Bullet Journal Setup

Month in Review

While not included in my setup video, I will be adding a month in review layout for my March bullet journal setup 2024. In this layout I include headings for my biggest accomplishment, other wins, how do I feel about the month as a whole, and then a space to include my focuses for next month. I leave the right hand side of the page blank for creativity. I have yet to finish something on one of these pages but I will make time this month to finish up a January page and my February page.

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In a nutshell, March I may be publishing this a little later than I would like, but I do rely on my journal quite a bit so it’s important for me to get it done. On top of that, I do a lot of work digitally so it’s so refreshing to create using pen and paper. It’s why I started creative journaling and 6 year later (SIX YEARS!!!), I still love creating in my journal.

Let me know what you are working on for March!

See you in the next one!

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