March Bullet Journal Setup 2022

Here we go: March Bullet Journal Setup 2022! Two things come to mind when I think about March 2022: 1. How has it been 2 years of living like this? and 2. How is it March already?! I always like to take the time to look back at previous setups and layouts and see how far I have come. This is possibly my most favourite theme to date, even though I fubbed up the cover page πŸ™ˆπŸ˜†.

So as always, I share my YouTube video setup up here, and below I am talking more about my supplies and my thinking behind why I have chosen these layouts.

March Bullet Journal Setup 2022 Supplies

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March Bullet Journal Setup 2022 Layouts

For March, I decided to keep my layouts minimal again. I just have the 3 layouts, and then started my weeklies.

Cover Page

As I mentioned in my intro, I fubbed my cover page. I had intended for it to be a pull tab, but thanks to rushing and misguided physics, it just wasn’t meant to be! Namely, the flap that is supposed to open was too heavy for the mechanism. As I had already put so much time and effort into drawing and painting the design, I decided to cut my loses and just simply use my hand to left the flap πŸ˜†. I may go back later in the month and try again, but for now, I am happy enough with the outcome.

Calendar Pages

So far for 2022, I am really loving having the larger calendar layouts with room for to-dos and priorities for the month (even though my priorities are pretty much the same as for February). Being able to combine my productivity with these creative layouts has been so great, and allows me to get stuff done. I am struggling with setting time boundaries so that is my biggest focus right now. Protecting my time more – as a creator, contractor, and mother. Funnily enough, it’s the mother title that is the biggest challenge to my time boundary, which is honestly to be expected. But that’s not to say it’s necessarily okay. At least not the way I have been dealing with it. I can get more into that in another post but just wanted to share a bit more insight.

Monthly Bullet Journal Setup

Notes and Trackers

For my habit trackers this month, I decided to go with something different from my January and February setups, going back to the square calendar layouts. Except, I included a box for my monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly trackers. I am so excited to try this and work with it. I kept my adjacent notes page as it’s always great having that extra spot to jot down thoughts.

Habit trackers March Bullet Journal Setup 2022

Weekly layouts

We are now into my weekly layouts. Sticking with using more traditional layouts, as opposed to the Alastair Method. I really enjoyed using the more “traditional” layouts in February so I decided to continue on in March. I did combine Saturday and Sunday into one “weekend” box. Might bring back the separate days as it feels… different, to have it this way (if you know, you know).

March Bujo Setup 2022

February Reflections

I am writing/posting this part way through February and there are still a few weeks left, but I already have some thoughts. This month (so far) has been super stressful and I had one big life event (selling a house) take up all my emotional and mental energy. As a result, I barely got anything done that I planned to. So you will find me sitting here, busting my butt to get my stuff done!

I will be releasing the March From Blank to Brilliant Patreon Handout in the next couple of weeks. I am so excited for this theme. If you want to go check it out, you can find it here. In my Patreon, I am teaching you some creative journaling basics to help you start/refine your creative journaling skills. We do some lettering, doodling, and learn a new technique. In order to get some practice in, we do some journaling and letter a quote page. For extra fun, I throw in some prompts to help get the creative juices flowing. I would love it if you are able to join us an up your creative journaling game!

I also have some limited release free downloads for you in the From Blank to Brilliant Library (free for email subscribers). This month, I am including the dashboard there as well, available for the months of March and April. So grab those before they’re gone!

For next week, I am working on a blog post to help you find consistency in your bullet journaling, and then we are in March! Let me know if you have any comments, questions, or requests!

Hope you’re taking care of yourself! Talk soon!


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