June Bullet Journal Setup 2023

Sharing my June Bullet Journal Setup 2023. This setup is super special to me since this orange theme is from my Fruit Bowl Pattern Collection. This is a mini collection that I have name Orange Bowl. This collection is a pastel colour version of the large fruit bowl collection, and I am so excited to share this setup with you. Pastels are not my favourite – I LOVE jewel tones – but this colour palette was really speaking to me so I persevered. I have the video up on YouTube that you can watch, but let’s get into embracing the zest of June (LOL)!

June Bullet Journal Setup 2023


June Bullet Journal Setup 2023

Cover Page

Let’s begin this month’s bullet journal adventure by creating an eye-catching cover page. Since I already had the patterned paper, I chose to draw a full orange, half orange, and an orange blossom flower and leaves. I lettered June at the top of the page and it is good to go. On the left, i have my hand lettered quote page – Passion leads to incredible journeys. This will be sent to my From Blank to Brilliant email subscribers in the next email (for June).

To make this your own, you can paint an orange slice surrounded by vibrant leaves and blossoms. Play with different shades of orange and green (I used soft melon and a sage green for mine). The orange and green bounce off each other well since they are complementary colours. Let your creativity run wild, allowing your cover page to embody the essence of a fresh and exciting June.

Calendar Page

The calendar page is mission control in my bullet journal, providing an overview of the month ahead. I dedicate a to page spread to allow for a spacious calendar layout. Decided to have a bit of fun using the patterned paper and kraft paper, from my Neapolitan dot grid notepad, to create spaces for capturing to-dos and a space for things coming up next month. I feel the kraft paper plays perfectly into the orange bowl patterned paper, giving a sense of baskets to collect the oranges in.

By imprinting the illustrations onto rubber, I carved out the images for stamps. It’s not my favourite but now I know and decided against using the stamps in my other layouts.

Monthly Bullet Journal Setup

Notes Page

A dedicated notes page allows you to jot down ideas, goals, or any information you’d like to refer back to throughout the month. For this page, I lettered my heading and decided to include a spot for to-dos. A lot of time I just free journal meeting notes or ideas and it can be easy to lose to-do items. Using the same idea from my calendar page, using patterned paper and kraft paper, I isolate a space for the to-dos that pop up. I’m excited to try this out and se how it goes.


Now, let’s get into weeklies, a practical tool for organizing your day-to-day tasks. I’m trying a new-to-me layout this month, relying on vertical boxes for recording daily to-dos and events. As always, I stamp my calendar for an overview of where we are in the month, I have a space for my to-dos, and what’s coming up next week. I mirror my notes and calendar page by including the kraft paper again, this time to highlight priorities for the week.

Normally, I like to keep my weeklies more simple but being creative is also an outlet for me – especially using actual pen and paper (not just digital). So this is my excuse for maintaining time intensive layouts. 100% an excuse to spend 20 minutes being creative.

Weekly Bullet Journal Setup

June Bullet Journal Setup 2023

This theme is the perfect kick off to summer and I am so excited to get more use out of these pattern designs. And this colour palette really grew on me the more I worked with it. I also managed to limit my supplies – a lot! Which is huge for me considering my art journaling supply lists or last month’s setup.

It’s really hard to stay motivated to journal in the summer months so don’t be afraid to change things up in ways that work for you. I’, hoping to spend June finishing up July and August projects to start fresh again in the fall. Let me know what your favourite season is. Mine is, hands down, fall!

If you incorporate any of my freebies or ideas in your journals, I’d love to see it! Tag me on Instagram @natashamillercreates. If you would like to see more of these patterns, you can check out my storefront on Society6.

Happy journaling!

June Bullet Journal Setup 2023

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