June Bullet Journal Setup 2022

Sharing my June Bullet Journal Setup 2022 with you today. I chose a cactus theme using some funky (maybe a little bit creepy) pots. The colour palette is also more muted which is a departure from my regular bright and colourful setups. But this month, I’ve been feeling a little blah which I think is reflected in the muted colours as well as the more minimalist setup I’m sharing for June. I know this is still more than most minimalists do, but it’s minimalist for me 😆. As always, I have the video setup here for you to check out.

Otherwise, let’s get started!

June Bullet Jounal Setup 2022

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June Bullet Journal Setup 2022 Supplies

Creative Journaling When You’re Not Feeling It

For most of May, I have been stuck in my feelings and this is bleeding into my creative side. As someone who uses creativity as a coping method, this is a difficult place to be stuck. But I also don’t believe in forcing it. Instead, I have just reverted to more simple layouts and designs. A simple cover page, a simple illustration, simple layouts that I have used many times before, just simple.

Now, I know these layouts and designs may not seem simple to you, but they are to me. Normally, I will add extra, especially when it comes to the pull tab. But this month was just a simple reveal pull tab.

To be honest, I already want to just use super basic Bullet Journal Method for the rest of my weeklies 😆. Does this mean I want to, or should, quit creative journaling all together? NOPE! Just means I need to rest and deal with what is bothering and distracting me. Right now, I am being drawn to the digital side of things – creating digital content, lettering in procreate, designing more collections as part of my surface pattern design interests. I need to write down the ideas that have been percolating and free up some creative space in my mind again.

June Bullet Jounal Setup 2022

June Bullet Journal 2022 Layouts

As I mentioned earlier, my layouts this month are back to my tried and true. I have my calendar page, trackers page, notes page, and my first weekly setup.

I did make some changes to my calendar page. For June, it is a horizontal planner and the opposite page has the goals, priorities, and notes for the month.

For my tracker page, I was too lazy to draw out all the squares so I grabbed my circle stencil from Erin Floto Designs (jury is still out on whether this was faster or not 😆). I then drew in 2 larger trackers for monthly habits, and weekly habits. My notes page is just there are a brain dump/space if needed.

Then I am into my weekly. This weekly is inspired by The Happy Planner Dashboard layout. I’m excited to use the horizontal boxes for my daily tasks, but then having my goals and to dos right there too. This was a lot of line drawing so we’ll see how my enthusiasm for this layout holds up!

Habit Tracker Page

May Reflections

It feels a little odd to be talking about May Reflections (as it’s roughly the middle of May at the time of writing this post), but apparently I already have some thoughts. I haven’t used my May setup at all. I used 1 weekly, setup up a second one but haven’t used it, and have yet to setup this week’s layout (and it’s Friday). The reason for this rapid decrease in enthusiasm is Imposter Syndrome. I have been hit hard by Imposter Syndrome this last month. My current strategy has been to just push through (which is not really working), so I am reading about it and using the strategies that I find to manage it.

One of the strategies is to clearly focus on what’s important to me and what I want to accomplish. BUT! I am also struggling to believe that I can accomplish those goals. It’s a vicious circle going on over here. If you are going through the same thing, know that you are not alone. If you have found strategies that have worked for you, I would love to hear them.

Thank you for coming to my pity party. I will work to get through this.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I would also like to know if you would like to see more digital content.

As always, thank you so much for your time today!

Talk soon!

June Bullet Jounal Setup weekly setup

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