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June Bullet Journal Setup 2021

Back at it with a June Bullet Journal Setup for 2021. Chose a more masculine theme for June in honour of Father’s Day and this month’s theme is Mr Fancy Pants, using monocles, bowler hats, moustaches and bowties throughout my layouts. My favourite part of this setup though is definitely the colours. It’s got a bit of a Blippi vibe but I think I managed to sidestep any Blippi-ness in how I used the colours together. My second favourite part – instead of using quotes in my layouts, I will be using dad jokes! As always, I have my setup video here, and, below, I share how I created this month’s pull tab cover page. So let’s get into it!

June Bullet Journal Setup 2021

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June Bullet Journal Setup Supplies

General Setup Info

I kept my layouts the same for June – dashboard, cover page, calendar page, habit trackers, and brain dump. For my weeklies, I’ll be using dutch doors with a more functional focus. Functional meaning using the extra space for notes, instead of for decorative elements. I may through a dad joke onto the door, like I did for week one, but otherwise, trying to get back to productivity.

June Bullet Journal Setup Habit Trackers

For my weeklies, I use the Alastair or Rapid Logging Method. This is where you write down all of your tasks for the week and then assign the days using a key system. I place dots under the assigned days, and then cross them off when they’re done. Any tasks that need to be migrated, get marked under my “migrate” or “>” column, and dealt with the following week. I have more information on this method here.

Magic Pull Tab Tutorial

Pull Tab Supplies


You will need a piece of paper, tape glue, scissors, craft knife, clear cellophane strip, elements to glue.

You can grab a ruler to to get straighter cut lines, but because the cut lines were so short, I just free handed them.

Next I measured out the middle of my page. I designed my elements to start from the middle, creating a minimalist, balanced cover page.

Pull Tab slots

Slit Placement

Once I knew where I wanted my pieces to sit when the pull tab was pushed up and hidden, I started marking where to put my cut lines

You will need 3 cut lines: 2 for where the cellophane piece will sit, and one for the pull tab. The distance between the 2 cellophane slots will depend on your design. For my bowler hat, I didn’t need much space so the distance between the 2 slots is 9 squares. I cut these slots a little wider width wise, so that the cellophane wouldn’t catch between the paper slits.

Pull Tab Cellophane

Rotating Mechanism

Feed the cellophane piece through the slits, making sure not to pull it too tight. If you pull it too tight, it won’t work as well. I fold back a small piece of the cellophane as I glue it together.

Make sure the cellophane is properly glued and the extra piece is cut right at the glue line, otherwise, place a piece of tape over this line. The mechanism can get caught on the slit and not work.

Pull Tab Mechanism Building

Back Portion

Rotate the cellophane turner so that the glued part is at the back. With the glued portion of the cellophane wrap at the very top of the back, feed your pull tab through the 3rd slit. (You are now working on the back portion of your page.)

I glue the pull tab over top of the glued portion of the cellophane. This way I feel that the glued piece is even more secure, and also not likely to get caught in a slit.

Your pull tab should now cause your cellophane piece to rotate.

Gluing element onto the Pull Tab

Final Touches

Flip back to the front of your page, and start gluing your elements on. I place a small piece of glue at the very bottom of the cellophane piece, right at the slit, and glue the very top part of my bowler hat down. It should now look like the hat is lifting when you pull the tab.

The next step is to glue on the pull tab element (if you have one). If you don’t have an element, you can trim the pull tab to the right size, and you’re done.

Final Pull Tab Step

My final step was gluing the bowtie in place. I glued it down right at the slit again, hiding the fact that it is a pull tab.

Then I trimmed the remaining piece of pull tab down, and I was done.

I added colour before I started gluing everything, to make sure there wasn’t accidental transfer onto my cover page, but it’s up to you. The final addition was adding a moustache and lettering “June” underneath the hat.

June Bullet Journal Setup 2021 – Thoughts

As with my April and May setups, I stuck to my tried and true layouts. Biggest difference being the creative elements that I add. I will keep using these layouts until they get stale, or I find something to fit my needs better. And, at the end of the day, it’s most important to remember that a journal needs to work for you. I add these fun elements because I want to and it’s a creative outlet for me. One of my goals in sharing this with you, is to allow you to apply this tutorial, or any of my other tutorials to any craft project you do. My background is card making and, although it’s been a few years, I think I am starting to feel the card making itch again. But we will see. For the time being, I will just be trying the techniques I know in a bullet journal.

June Bullet Journal Setup Calendar

Thank you so much for your time today. As always, please reach out to me with any questions or comments. I appreciate you being here!

Talk soon!

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