July Bullet Journal Setup

July 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

Better late than never, but here is my July 2022 Bullet Journal Setup. This setup has been a bit of a chore, as I’m sure you can tell since we’re only a few days away from July, and I like to post these a bit earlier. But done is done is done. So below, I am sharing my supply list, and some thoughts about my July setup. If you would like to check out the video, you can do so here.

B5 Bullet Journal Setup

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July 2022 Bullet Journal Setup Supplies

July 2022 Bullet Journal Layouts

For July, I’m keeping it super simple. Starting with my dashboard/cover page. Although I use watercolour, I did not go for a pull tab. I wasn’t feeling it so I didn’t make time for it. For the rest of the layouts, I stuck with my usuals: monthly calendar, notes, and tracker pages.

My calendar pages included 3 circles, to capture notes, goals, and priorities. My intention was to create coasters but I didn’t put too much effort into achieving that effect 🙈. I just needed to be done with my setup.

July 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

For my notes and tracker page, I went with hand drawn squares and added stencil platters and stickers to finish off the page.

Rounding up my July setup was the first weekly spread of the month. Using the same layout from May 2022, with a horizontal layout with boxes for my focus, priorities, to dos, and notes, I include a box for important events/appointments as well. For the notes square, I hope to capture upcoming events beyond the next week.

Overall Thoughts About This Setup

You know I love a good truth time! So here it is: I never like my July Setups. They are always a struggle to get done and I end up not liking them at all. This July 2022 bullet journal setup is, unfortunately, no different. Truth be told, there was no overarching design idea for the setup and just flew by the seat of my pants. What resulted was a bit of a hot mess express, and bordering offensive. Now, I maybe just being oversensitive about the offensiveness aspect (namely, the idea of spilt cocktails and then the lettering resembling double vision 🙈), but it’s done.

So you’re probably wondering, if it was such a chore, why do it?! Well, because I need to. For one, I use my journal to keep track of somethings, and, most importantly, I use it as a creative outlet. This month’s creative outlet was in the form of watercolour painting, as well as playing with a new lettering style. I really enjoyed this part but it took a while to get motivated.

July 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

I was reflecting on the motivation aspect of this setup, and since this followed closely behind my new bullet journal setup, I think I just felt a bit burnt out creatively. It’s also summer time now which is also difficult to stay motivated when it’s warm and fun outside.

The thing to remember is, you are not alone. While watching Plant Based Bride’s July Setup, I was chuckling a little. Her July theme is lemons which is considered a little played out in the journaling community (although I still haven’t done one and would love to). She did put her own beautiful spin on it, and the layouts are gorgeous, but the quote she picked was so cheesy (which she admitted to), and the whole time she was saying how she hates lemons. Lol! I felt this! I felt this scraping for motivation and creativity. It happens to the best of us, and ALL of us!

B5 Weekly Bullet Journal Setup

Final Thoughts about July 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

My intention for this post is to remind you not to be too hard on yourself. Even people who seem to be oozing creativity out of every pore have off days. It definitely doesn’t come naturally and is something we all work on. We work on our skill, and we work on copying methods to get through the darker/greyer days of creativity.

So! Hopefully you found this commentary helpful. I don’t mean to stand on a soap box or anything. I just want to share my full, honest experience with you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Thank you so much for your time today!

Talk soon!

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