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Today I wanted to take a moment and share some Health and Wellness Journal Rewards ideas in a layout I set up in my bullet journal. This is my Health and Wellness journal that you can check out here. But this week I took some time and filled in some ideas and thought I would share. I have a video where I talk more about it here that you can check out if you prefer listening.

I also wanted to emphasize that these rewards can be for anything. Mine are weight loss focused but they can be for any goals or obstacles that you want to reward yourself for. Since mine are weight loss focused, I tried to stay away from food driven goals because that is a downward spiral for me. So I hope you are able to grab some ideas for your own personal journey.

Health and Wellness Journal Rewards Setup

The first thing I wanted to share is how and why I set the layout up this way. I broke the rewards up into 4 parts. This idea is from my Noom eating plan that I was trying out and I really liked the concept. It’s nothing new or ground breaking but it’s a great resource to pull from based on your needs at the time.

Health and Wellness Journal Cover Page

The 4 categories are Tangible Rewards, Social Rewards, Self-Care Rewards, and Healthy Rewards.

Tangible Rewards

These are the most personal rewards based on your wants, needs, budget, etc. This is physical stuff that generally costs money. I pulled from my wish list to fill out this category. As much as I would love to get everything listed in this category, that’s not always reasonable, or financially healthy. So I tried to list more items under the other categories.

Examples of my tangible rewards include:

  • Karin Markers
  • LifeFuel Water Bottle
  • New workout clothes
  • Ferris Wheel Press Rose Gold Ink
  • Ana Luisa Oona Necklace

Social Rewards

Social Rewards are self explanatory. Rewards that are based on doing stuff with people. Given our current worldwide situation, these rewards can be a little harder to navigate. In theory, this situation isn’t forever (although it definitely feels like it), so I wrote some ideas down anyway.

For my personal goals, these rewards may go against my weight-loss goals, like dinner with friends, but its all about moderation. Truth be told, this was probably the hardest category for me to fill in. I know we can use Zoom, or Google, or FaceTime, but that tinny sound the comes from the speakers has become triggering to me. I am a social person and need face to face interactions so it has been particularly challenging as time has gone on. But! I powered through and wrote down what I truly would want to do.

  • Mini Golf (I LOVE Mini Golf)
  • Go-Cart Racing (my kiddos are a bit too young but when the time comes, can;t wait to take them!)
  • Dinner with friends
  • Coffee dates with friends
  • Geocaching
  • Bowling
  • Game Night

For game night, I want to buy two of the same board games, and then drop one off at a friend’s house (with some snacks and beverages), and then play over Zoom. (I know what I *just* said about Zoom, but at times, it’s better than nothing.)

Self-Care Rewards

I wanted to be clear that these ideas are for rewards, not day-to-day self-care items that you do just to get by sometimes. This is meant to be over and above the daily survival tasks, whatever that may be. And if my list includes your survival tasks, then that’s great! I don’t get to do these things very often (and by that I mean it’s been 3-7 years for some of these things for me). So this category is very personal too, but I would still like to share some ideas.

  • Bathing (my FAVOURITE self-care thing to do)
  • Colouring – I have so many colouring books that it would be fun just to sit and colour and play with different techniques
  • Pajama day – just wear pajamas ALL day!
  • Haircut and colour
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Massage
  • Eyebrow Wax
  • Eyelash Tint

Healthy Rewards

My mind interprets this category as rewards relating to activities outside of your goal. So for example, my goal is weight loss so I wouldn’t include food based rewards. If you are writing a book and you’re at a computer all day, maybe choose rewards that don’t involve screens. One more example would be financial goals. If your goal is to save money, maybe don’t include activities that would cost money and set you back from your goal.

Some of my health rewards are a bit out there but I may count them toward my end reward for achieving my goal. Some are also, possibly, more of a self-care reward, but here they are:

  • Yoga class (Restorative yoga where you just do ridiculous stretching)
  • Geocaching (listed again because I can do it by myself too)
  • Mindfulness Class
  • Art Journaling
  • Playing a new video game
  • Movie date night
  • Tourist in my own town
  • Ski lessons
  • Driving Range Session
  • Sudoku puzzles
  • Re-organizing my craft stash

If you’re raising your eyebrows on that last one, you can’t tell me you belong in a planner community and don’t get some joy out of organizing your stationery?! It’s so relaxing and cathartic for me so it definitely went on my list.

Health and Wellness Journal Rewards Setup

I hope you found some of this information helpful when it comes to rewarding your own progress. It took me a long time to sit down and fill this out. I have been really struggling on the wellness front. Sometimes I feel like it’s easier to just power through and then everything catches up with me, and then I’m left feeling emotionally and mentally paralyzed. I’m definitely not trying to force myself to do this, because I know I will shut down. So I’ve been approaching my journal when I feel up to it, and then trying to deal with any discomfort I may feel. It’s definitely a learning curve and a real challenge.

Are you working on a Health and Wellness Journal Rewards layout, just a Health and Wellness journal in general, or is it something you want to try? Let me know down in the comments and perhaps we can support each other through it!

Talk soon!

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