Health and Wellness Journal

Health and Wellness Journal Ideas

Today I am sharing some Health and Wellness Journal Ideas. I have already shared some layouts, namely my Enneagram setup and my Emotion Wheel layout. But I have added many more layouts, including layouts relating to meal planning and weight loss. I have been dragging my feet when it comes to losing the “baby weight” and I have come to accept that my mental wellness has a lot to do with that as well. I have my video setup here, where I go more into the reasons behind why I chose these specific layouts. Below, I am sharing my ideas with you and how I intend on using them.

Enneagram Test Bullet Journal Layout

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I’m going to share the supplies I use but, especially with a journal like this, I feel you should use what makes you happy. Stamping is one of my favourite things to do and I seldom get to do it. So I used stamping in my Health and Wellness Journal ideas because it’s something I love to do.

Your Health and Wellness Journal is for you, and you alone. Use what you want and how you want. I do mention in my video that I tend to bury my distress in creative journaling, which is a great outlet, but I have come to find that it’s not sustainable for me. This journal is trying to find the balance between appearance AND substance. I get to be creative, but as a means to encourage journaling. Doing it this way means I don’t have a blank page staring at me, waiting for me to unleash my inner most thoughts. It’s already got some writing or prompts on it.

Health and Wellness Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Since I am using the Neapolitan notebook, which consists of black, white, and kraft paper, I decided to split everything into 3 sections. Journaling, Meal Planning, and Weightloss. I know meal planning and weight loss are technially related, but I wanted to make sure I could flip to my meal planning quickly.

Health and Wellness Journaling

So I will be using the white pages for my journaling. As I mentioned in my Enneagram setup, I used the personality test as a journaling tool for self-reflection and self-improvement. Having been at home permanently over the last year and a bit, I have had a lot of time to reflect and get stuck in my head. So I plan on using these pages as an outlet for that.

Outside of the personality test, I will also be journaling about my 2021 word of the year which is Patience. Ali Edwards hosts a yearly workshop called One Little Word, where she has guided lessons for working with your word and living with the intention you used to choose your word. I did the course back in 2018 and decided to use that as a guide. I’m not following it exactly, but using parts that I want to.

You will also see that I have included layouts for thoughts and emotions that I want to let go of. I shared this on my Instagram a while back and I have since filled it out a bit, but things like self-doubt, the need to control everything, and more. It is still a work in progress. The second I feel forced to do something, I dig my heels in and hit a wall. So I am definitely working on flexibility and, well, patience with myself.

Health and Wellness Journal Ideas - Emotion Wheel

Other page ideas could include:

  • Your goals
  • What you desperately want to achieve
  • An Emotion Wheel
  • Quotes that are significant to you
  • Vision Board

Health and Wellness Journal Meal Planning

Since meal planning is such a large part of weight loss, I decided to keep my meal plans in this notebook. I dedicated the kraft pages to my healthy eating. For layout ideas, if you are following an eating plan, or weight loss plan like Weight Watchers, you can setup up your food lists or plan information there. I am trying out Noom, so I have included my food group list at the very begining of the healthy eating section. Following that, I have included 2 pages, one for favourite recipes (with space to include where to find them), and healthy treat ideas. These pages are still blank but I will be working to fill them up to have quick, go-to reference pages.

The next few pages are dedicated to meal plan layouts. These are pretty basic and straight forward. I set up 4 weeks’ worth of layouts, and followed that with a check in page. My intention is to jot down what worked, what didn’t, and what to let go in terms of feeling guilty about not succeeding.

Basic Meal Planning Layout

Health and Wellness Weight Loss Journaling

The next section I am focusing on is my weight loss. I am calling it that because, at the surface, that is what I want, but of course there are many other benefits that come with it.

Health and Wellness bullet Journal Ideas

For my journal, I have included my why and longterm goals as well as a weight tracker. My weight will go in the circles and the dates in the small rectangles beside them. I plan to record every 5 pounds of weight loss.

My rewards page comes from the Noom app, and includes social, tangible (stuff), healthy, and self-care rewards. The idea is to move away from food as a reward which is challenging for me. I can fill the tangible box without hesitation, but I want to focus on rewards that aren’t monetary too. And, of course, we’re very limited in our social rewards but hopefully that will become a better option soon.

For me, eating and working out is the best combination. Mostly eating well, but exercising motivates me to eat better. The basic logic is that I’m not going to bust my butt and then destroy all of that effort by eating bad. It’s logical but not always the way it goes… lol, but I try.

The next layouts are measurements and then spots for pictures. I am WAY too self-conscious to share those but they are there for me as a comparison. I can be a pretty competitive person so this is the perfect opportunity to compete with myself. The following layouts get into the workout journaling, namely a workout cover page, then the calendar, and a layout to record my repetitions (see competitive comment).

Throughout these pages will be notes pages where I will jot down any interesting ideas that my Noom App gives me.

Other layouts to include:

  • Step trackers
  • Sleep trackers
  • Journaling
  • Training trackers

I hope you enjoyed this post on Health and Wellness Journal ideas and found it helpful. It’s been fun putting this together but now I am working on actually using it. I’m also hoping that by using it (especially for logging exercise), that I actually finish the workout so that I don’t “ruin” my journal :P.

But all jokes aside, it’s been really great having this space to be creative AND honest in. It’s not always easy to do that, but at least I have that space when I need it.

Let me know if this has inspired you to start a journal for yourself, if there are any layouts that you may put together in your everyday bullet journal. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! Thank you so much for your time today!

Talk soon!

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