Health and Wellness Bullet Journal

Spur of the moment, I decided to set up a Health and Wellness Bullet Journal. For a couple of reasons: 1. Focusing on losing the “baby” weight (said baby is 2 now :P); and 2. When I get overly stressed and anxious, it tends to manifest as migraines and pain. I feel like I can handle most pain but migraines and headaches aren’t on that list! So my answer to this is to start journaling again and get my thoughts and concerns onto paper. Currently, creative journaling is how I release my anxiety and stress, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to “dress up” this journal too. Now, I don’t think it’ll look like this every week, because time! But for now, this is what I have put together.

Check out the video and read below for my why!

Health and Wellness Setup Supplies

How I’m Using My Health and Wellness Bullet Journal


I am starting off the week with a 2 page layout to capture a few things that are important. Starting off with my focus for the week. I included a small block to jot down what I want to focus on specifically. There is a space for my measurements and a “before” photo. I am not a “before” photo person but, I need to light a fire under my butt!

Health and Wellness Bullet Journal

Next up, I have a spot for some goals. I made 3 points which may be too much for starting off, but this journal is very dynamic and will change as I figure out exactly what I want. If you’re asking the difference between a focus and a goal:

A Goal is a result; an area of focus is a path.

Kenneth Fields

On the second page, I have intentions, a spot to list possible stressors in the coming week, and, for lack of a better word choice in the moment, goodness – or things to look forward to. I also included a small quote: One Day Starts Now. So another questions you may have is, what’s the difference between a goal and an intention?

Goals are something you work towards, something in the future. Intentions tend to encompass your willingness to do something. Intentions are more concerned with the present moment. So my goal is to lose 60lbs. My intention will be to increase my weights everyday or every week.

Daily Pages

I have assigned every day it’s own page. Other than the day and a decorative element, the other thing I’m including is a mini daily tracker. Each one of the elements I want to track, relate to my overall health and wellness. These trackers are to help keep me accountable for that specific day. Now, the point isn’t to mark off every item, but rather to make sure I am maintaining some form of balance that is important to me. So, here is my tracker key:

? Water Intake
?️‍♀️Workout (except it’s just a weight in my bullet journal)
?Healthy Eating/Tracking
?Creativity (something creative but not just for work)
SCSelf Care
QQuality time with my family
KKegel Exercises
?Energy Level

They are really more there as reminders as opposed to actual trackers. But this will definitely grow as my needs change.

Health and Wellness Journal

The rest of the page will be used for journaling. Writing down my thoughts and feelings. The last time I journaled, I was probably 11 or 12 (I still have that journal btw ?), so we’ll see how this goes. Something has to change so I’m starting with this!


After all the dailies, I have one page for Reflections. I have 2 sections: what went as planned, and what was unexpected. This page isn’t to rehash what happened the week before, but rather to summarize it. Again, this page is super dynamic and will definitely grow and change as I figure out what works for me.

Health and Wellness Bullet Journal Setup

Going Forward

As I mentioned earlier, not every week is going to look like this. I put it together like this to help motivate me to look at it and want to use it. The next week will start off with a dashboard as well, but I’ll be replacing the photo block with something else.

I will be sharing this journaling journey on Instagram, as well as any prompts I decide to use. I may work on one prompt a week, something I research, something that has come up in something I’m reading, etc. As I’ve mentioned countless times, this is definitely a growing idea that will be adapted and changed to my needs.

I hope you found some of this information helpful! And if it’s inspired you to grab a journal and get started, then YAY! We’re in this together! Some of this is very airy-fairy to me, to be honest, but I was hesitant to try bullet journaling too… 😛

As always, reach out with any questions or comments. (No MLM please – I have my plans and coaches already.) Thank you for your time today!

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