Mushroom Art Print Tutorial: Fun with Fungi

I am super excited to be sharing a Mushroom Art Print tutorial. This is inspired by my September Bullet Journal setup. I drew a mushroom with a flower and leaves on a vine for my cover page and wanted to share how else you could use an illustration like this. You can check out the video tutorial on YouTube.

I know mushrooms as a theme in September isn’t very original, but I really wanted to. It’s part of a bigger idea that I have in my head for my surface pattern design side of what I do. So, my September theme was getting my practice in drawing my mushrooms, which is one of the reasons why I love creative journaling – tricking my brain into practicing.

Let’s get into the mushroom art print tutorial.

Mushroom Art Print Tutorial

Mushroom Art Print Tutorial Supplies

Creating the Mushroom Art Print Tutorial

Step 1: Sketch the mushroom

How to draw a mushroom

Using a piece of 5.5 x 4.25-inch cardstock, start drawing the mushroom stem. Starting with the stem allows you to center the cap more easily. Sketch in the flower starting with the half circle middle part, and then draw the petals coming down from the flowers. Move on to sketching the leaves. Draw the leaves however you are comfortable. I feel we all have our own way of drawing leaves. Embrace your style and have fun.

Step 2: Add colour

Colouring with Tombows

Choose the medium you would like to use. I use Tombow Dual Brush Tip markers but feel free to use whatever you have. I slowly add colour, trying not to overlap the lines. The only reason for doing this is to go back in and add shadows with the same colour. Tombows layer quite nicely so it’s fun to experiment. I colour a circular pattern on the leaves which create a cool texture.

Using the bullet point of the pen, I add small details, like the veins of the leaves, and dots on the center of the flower.

Step 3: Outline your drawing and add details (optional)

Mushroom Art Print Tutorial

Using a Copic marker or a Sharpie (I only used a Copic because I couldn’t find my Sharpie) outline the drawing. I chose an alcohol-based marker since I like the opacity of the marker over top of the water-based ink. My Copic marker has a brush tip which created different widths of lines. It ended up giving a cool affect and, since I cut the drawing out, I was able to reduce the too thick parts.

Using a black PaperMate Flair, add some lines throughout the drawing – adding some visual interest and texture to the drawing. So, adding veins to the leaves, and more dots to the middle of the flower. Drawing lines on the petals and a line shadow on the mushroom stem. Do the same with the paint pen, adding highlights throughout the drawing. Where you add the highlights and shadow lines depends on your light source. My light source always comes from the top right, so my highlights are on the top right of the drawing.

Step 4: Cut the pieces

Paper collaging inspiration

Using scissors, I cut around the outlined drawing, adjusting where I cut depending on the line thickness (only an issue because of the brush tip).

I cut the polka dot paper to be 3.75 x 5.25 inches. Taking the off-white paper, I scrunch it up repeatedly until the paper softens, and I tear the book page at a diagonal, preparing to use the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Gluing the pieces

Grab your print paper (I use the Canson Mixed Media notebook) and your glue. Start by gluing down the scrunched-up paper, carefully placing it down and straightening the page as you glue it down. Next, eyeball where and how you want the polka dot paper and the book page to overlap. Once you are happy, glue down the 2 pieces.

Grab your drawing and decide where you want to glue it down, and glue it, leaving room for the typography at the bottom.

Step 6: Add final details

Art Print Tutorial

Grab your alphabet stickers (or stamps in you prefer) and start gluing down the letters. I chose the word renew since mushrooms work to renew and nourish the forest floor. To center the word, I start gluing letters starting from the middle of the word and placing letters from there.

I decided to add a drop shadow line to the word using a thin mono line pen in size 01. I also add highlights to the stickers with the white Posca Paint Pen. Using the Flair, I draw a rough line on the top right-hand corner to balance the print.

Mushroom Art Print Tutorial – Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed today’s mushroom art print tutorial. I really want to share how you can use creative journaling and doodles and turn them into something more. You can also use art journaling to design bullet journal themes which I have talked about in a previous post.

I hope this helped inspire you to look back at previous journals and themes and see what you can create from them. As I mentioned above, this is where I practice and develop a lot of my surface pattern design ideas.

Let me know if you give this tutorial a try. If you do try it out, tag me on Instagram @natashamillercreates because I would love to see how you recreate it! Thank you so much for your time today!

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