February 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

Finally sharing my February 2022 Bullet Journal Setup! I feel like I blinked and January was almost over and I had squat planned for my setup! Thankfully, I have some designs floating around out there, so I repurposed one of my newer, favourite designs for my February setup. This was more challenging than I anticipated since I decided to go with gouache paint and I didn’t have the colours I needed to match my theme. Essentially, the most challenging part of this month’s setup was mixing my paints to match the colour palette. Normally, I choose my colour palette and supplies, but definitely opposite month this time around.

I am actually sharing the video, my supplies, and then the images for my setup. Keeping it very condensed today on the blog. You can check my video out here (where I make some relatively large changes on the fly), and read on for my supplies and general thoughts around this setup.

February 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

February 2020 Setup Supply List

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February 2022 Bullet Journal Setup: General Thoughts

For monthly setups, I have found that I am relying on less layouts. I feel my new bullet journal setups encompass most of the collections I need so that I don’t need much else for the month. As always, I have my cover and quote page, my calendar page, my notes and habits, and then of course, my weekly layout.

February Habit Tracker Layout

For my calendar page, I am tying in my to do list and goals like I did in January. I included a dutch door again to breakdown my to-dos for my goals – my larger, over-arching goals, and then my monthly priorities to-dos – basically my day-to-day tasks for the month. I may do another productivity plan with me since I am still working on refining my system, and it’s been fun to experiment.

The next big change was to my weekly layout. After 2 years of using the Alastair Method, I am leaving it behind for February and moving to the more traditional layout styles. We’ll see how it goes. I want to give it at least one month. Maybe this sticks, maybe I run screaming back to the Alastair Method! So stay tuned to see how it goes.

Calendar Layout
Calendar Layout

What’s to Come

I’m going to insert a shameless plug here (and this is fairly cringy for me as I suck at this), but if you want to get into creative journaling, you can check out my Patreon. I am doing weekly lettering, and doodling tutorials. Then I am sharing journaling ideas and prompts, as well as colour palettes, and a fun creative technique you can apply to your journal. I would love to have you join us over there if this is something you want to learn.

New to me this month were the Karin Markers. I am excited to share a review (coming soon), as I have wanted these for years now. So that will be coming up. I think I will be doing another productivity plan with me as well, and then it’ll be a March setup (as I silently scream in shock).

Let me know what you are setting up for February, and if you have any questions or comments for me. As always, thank you so much for being here! I always appreciate it so much!

Talk soon!

February Bullet Journal Weekly Layout Setup

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