Self Care Bullet Journal Prompts

Self Care Doodle Challenge

As part of February’s love theme, I wanted to include an opportunity to practice some self care. I decided to do so through the monthly doodle challenge. I have created 3 downloads:

  1. February Doodle Challenge with prompts (meaning the month “February” is included on the printable)
  2. February Doodle Challenge blank (this is blank to allow you the opportunity to doodle your own self care prompts)
  3. Self Care Doodle Challenge (generic self care grid and blank prompts for creating a collection)

Feel free to download the most appropriate layout for your needs. If you create your own prompts, please share them with me by tagging @natashamillerletters on Instagram so that I can see how you’re using the layout and maybe get some ideas to incorporate into my routine.

Self-Care Doodles
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