December Daily 2020 Foundation Pages

December Daily 2020 Foundation Pages

Finally sharing some of my December Daily 2020 Foundation Pages. I made two pages and one element that I am sharing today. I split them into 3 videos because it actually took a long time. Normally, I plan my videos in advance, but these videos are of me creating in “real time”, lol! So please bear with me! You can check out some of my past project ideas here, or some tips for actually finishing a December Daily project.

My Ornaments Foundation Page

This page I plan on talking about the ornaments on our tree and what they mean to us. I am definitely putting some “special” 2020 ornaments up (a light-up dumpster fire I ordered ?). So I will document these and share pictures on this page.


December Daily Ornament Foundation Page Tips

December Daily 2020 Ideas
  • I created layers of white cardstock, vellum, and the transparency circles and connected them together using a brad. This allows for photo and journal space to write/glue down on the cardstock. The vellum will soften the writing/photo a bit so that the transparent element still looks nice.
  • The tops of the ornaments are glued down with foam adhesive, making sure to use a “flatter” foam adhesive to allow the ornament to still open over top of it. Make sure to thread your string through the loop before gluing it down so that you don’t struggle/rip the loop.
  • DON’T emboss on plastic! Even if you’re embossing paper that’s glued on top of acetate/plastic, it’ll still melt ?. Not that this happened to me or anything…
  • I glued twine bows onto the loops of the ornaments separately from the twine string to hide the glue and make it look more complete.
  • Don’t tighten the brads too tight or else the ornaments won’t swing open easily to reveal your journaling/photo.

My Cover Page

It took a few tries to put this page together. The video is a bit of a mess as I was creating in “real” time – I didn’t start with a plan. So you get to see part of my creative processes. I did edit out the super dry parts and sped up the semi-dry parts! But I hope you get some inspiration.

Cover Page Supplies

December Daily Cover Page Tips

December Daily 2020 Setup
  • I used a background cardstock that had shiny/glitter elements, so using the Staz On ink was great because I still got crisp images.
  • When stamping past the border of a page, just grab a scrap piece of paper and skip it in behind so that you don’t stamp on your desk.

I don’t really have much else to say, other than have fun with it! Keep trying different layouts and designs until you find something that works. As I mentioned in my video, this was my second attempt at a cover page and I am a lot happier with how it turned out.

My Starbucks Cup Shaker Element

This is probably my favourite of everything I’ve designed so far! Starbucks Red Cup Day has been my own little tradition for about 10 years now, so I always try and incorporate it into my journal somehow. This year, I made this Shaker cup element. I made it extra fun by making it interactive (the glitter “coffee” disappears when you tip it), so definitely a favourite this year!

Shaker Cup Supplies

This one is all about the cutting and the glue!

December Daily Shaker Cup Tips

December Daily Ideas
  • I used a printable to figure out my cup. Using photoshop, I increased it to the size i wanted, printed it, then took a dark pencil (4B) and traced the outline of the cup (on the front of the page). I then took my Starbucks cup and placed the printabled (traced side facing down), and went over the lines I saw through the page. This transferred the shape onto the cup. I then cut my Starbucks cups, including a little window for the glitter.
  • Use more glue than you think you need! I glued down every portion of the cup. Even when gluing the acetate down, I glued it first, placing glue all around the edges of the cup, and then cut the acetate to size. Remember to do this one both cups!
  • I used the printable lid which I stuck to the cup using clear tape – again, sealing every part of the seam.
  • Next, you need foam adhesive to create the pocket of your shaker. When placing your foam tape, make sure to stick the foam pieces as close together as possible, creating a seal. (You only need to do this on one of the cup pieces.)
  • To create disappearing glitter, place foam adhesive along the top edge of the lid portion. Otherwise, place foam adhesive just out of sight of the window.
  • I removed section by section of foam tape paper, gluing down the second cup as I went. Once glued, I just trimmed the edges.

I hope you enjoyed my December Daily 2020 Foundation Pages post. This post was a bit of a labour of love! The editing process took a while as I wanted to make the videos as short and as relevant as possible. Since I was filming and crafting in real time, it was a bit of a chore (I’m telling you this to be more open and honest on my platforms!).

I am excited to build on these pages for December Daily 2020. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the aspect of celebration with everything going on, but our Christmas tree goes up tomorrow! So hoping that’ll help!

Thank you again for your time! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!

Talk soon!

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