December Bullet Journal Setup 2023

Sharing my December Bullet Journal Setup 2023 with a fairly neutral theme and colour palette. As always, I am setting up a B5 journal for my monthly setup. I chose a gift theme and a retro holiday colour palette which I think could translate really well to a birthday setup. I carried over my regular pages and then made some changes to my weekly setups. You can watch the video here, otherwise, let’s get into it.

December Bullet Journal 2023

December Bullet Journal Setup 2023 Supplies

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December Bullet Journal Setup

For my December theme, I kept it VERY simple. My theme is gifts but I wanted to make it fun. I put the gift illustrations in circles, picked an off the beaten path colour palette and ended up with perhaps the most versatile theme I’ve ever done. Pretty sure I will be using these illustrations to mark birthdays going forward. Trying to talk myself out of using the same theme in January which is my, and my son’s, and my mom’s, birthdays.

I thought I would give my Acrylographs a break this month, but I’ve come to rely on them way too much. My cover page is painted with gouache paint, and of course, I had to mix colours to match. I find paint mixing to be very therapeutic, when I’m not in a rush to finish a setup. And I share a post for you on how to mix paints. The rest of the setup, I defaulted back to Acrylographs because I wasn’t in the mood for dealing with paint everywhere. (And I rarely get to finish a setup in one sitting so my gouache paints were dry the next day.)

B5 Bullet Journal Setup

Simple Layouts

I mention in my video that I am busy reading Getting Things Done by David Allen. I am hoping to incorporate some of his method in the new year, but, in the meantime, I just use my tried and true layouts – a calendar page, a notes page, and then into my weeklies. I have so many ideas percolating but having trouble completing the ideas, or seeing the ideas come to life. My ongoing creative rut is still getting the better of me but I am starting to see the light and trying to take advantage of this mini energy burst to finalize some ideas.

Simple Bullet Journal Layouts

Onward – Beyond December

I can’t believe it’s already this was my last bullet journal setup for 2023. As usual, I am dragging my feet for my 2024 setup. I’m getting 2020 vibes in my gut which is why I am procrastinating. Not anything particular that’s setting off 2020-esque alarm bells, but rather just the general state of the world. Although, I am SUPER excited for my journal I’ve picked out so I’ll be trying to focus on that instead.

Let me know if you are ready for 2024 and what you are looking forward to the most. I feel like 2024 is going to be a big year so really excited to buckle down and figure out what I want to accomplish.

Thank you so much for your time today and if you recreate this setup, I would love to see it! You can tag me on Instagram @natashamillercreates and I would love to see.

See you in the next one!

December Bullet Journal 2023
Bullet Journal Weekly Layout Inspiration
December Bullet Journal 2023
B5 Weekly Bullet Journal Setup

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