Coffee Theme Bullet Journal Setup

I am back with a coffee theme bullet journal setup! Holey moley! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything or even been creative. My November bullet journal setup (which is what this is) is SUPER late, and add to the fact that I am SUPER late sharing it. I am in a life transition at the moment and having a hard time getting the creativity juices flowing. Part of that flow blockage (you’re welcome for that visual), resulted in another coffee theme bullet journal setup. I did a different version of this setup back in the day. So I spent the energy I had on making this different. The colour palette was the biggest difference but also some of the elements. You can watch the setup on my YouTube channel, but otherwise, let’s get into it!

Coffee Theme Bullet Journal Setup

Coffee Theme Bullet Journal Supplies

November Bullet Journal Setup

Oh man! I underestimated how much I relied on my journal. I was SUPER late getting this setup done – and was pretty anxious the entire time. Things kept popping up and, as much as I semi-rely on my google calendar, seeing it written down helps me a lot. Then, I started feeling anxious about not posting it at least close to the beginning of the month. But I remembered, as much as I like to share, I do use my journal throughout the month so that was my first priority, sharing was my third or fourth (after filling everything in).

Monthly Calendar Setup Inspo

The Nitty-Gritty of my Coffee Theme Bullet Journal Setup

I’ve kept my layouts pretty safe compared to what I used to do. This month was turning into no exception. Except, in my rush to finish, it was interesting to see what my defaults were. For example, My week 1 layout is a layout I have been using consistently over the last couple of months. The more interesting default was my use of the Alastair Method. I use to consistently use the Alastair Method – for at least 2-3 years. It wasn’t working for me anymore so I went back to regular weekly layouts.

This time of year is such a busy time with school functions, the busy season for work, birthdays, preparing for the Holidays. And so there are a lot of moving pieces to keep track of, plus the additional to dos I want to get done. So I am hoping the Alastair Method will do the job. If it works, I’ll use it again next month, and maybe into 2024. If it doesn’t, I’ll just go back to regular setups.

Weekly Setup Inspiration

Fun with Weeklies

My coffee theme bullet journal setup was inspired by the rich history of coffee consumption across time and various cultures. It is a shared experience among friends and loved ones. I wanted to somehow capture that concept, and although it may not be as elegant as I intended, I found speech bubbles captured the concept of talking and sharing. So throughout my designs and setups, you will see a lot of speech bubble elements.

I wanted to have a bit more fun with my weeklies so I turned the daily boxes into speech bubbles. The bulk of my business is Monday – Thursday, with Friday – Sunday being a bit more quiet. So I adjusted the speech bubbles to fit – Monday through Thursday were bigger to capture more of the events and appointments, making Friday through Sunday more narrow. It was fun to add this touch of creativity to my weeklies, so the wheels are turning to incorporate more in the future.

Coffee Theme Bullet Journal Setup
Coffee Bullet Journal Inspiration

Busy Season

As much as I keep referring to being busy, I didn’t use my journal much last month. After I write it down, it’s pretty much committed to my memory and I go from there (and have calendar reminders for the non-recurring stuff). I’ve just been in a very blah place lately. Having a bit of a hard time picking myself up out of this one. I’ll hopefully find my groove again soon, but practicing self-kindness in the meantime.

Let me know what your theme for November is, and if there is a particular theme you like going back to. If you recreate this layout, Please tag me over on Instagram, @natashamillercreates so that I can share.

Talk soon!

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