June Monthly Calendar Inspiration

Bullet Journal Monthly View Inspiration

Sharing a short post with you today about Bullet Journal Monthly View Inspiration. There are many questions and comments about layout ideas, functionality, inspiration, and more. Today I wanted to take some time to share ideas and the way I choose to use these layouts. I have uploaded my video here for you to check out, and I have my inspiration gallery below.

Ocotber 2020 Bullet Journal Calendar Setup

How to Decide on a Monthly Calendar Layout

I wanted to talk about things to take into consideration when building a monthly view calendar page. Just some basics to come back to when you’re stuck staring at a blank page.

1. Functionality

I myself am a creative journaler but there has to be some aspect of functionality to make it work as a planner. Think about what your month looks like and perhaps, what you want to, or need to, accomplish for the month. That should help you decide on a layout.

2. Notebook Space

Depending on the size of your journal, or if you are nearing the end of the notebook, you want to consier if you want to use two pages or one. For some, a calendar page isn’t essential so having a small calendar on one page is more than enough. I share a bunch of one-pager inspiration in the gallery.

3. Theme

You may want to design your calendar based on you theme. If functionality isn’t as critical for the month, or you can have both creativity and function, you can play with your layout to capture your theme. For February and May 2021, I designed my calendars around my monthly themes and it was fun to see how and if it works, particularly the timeline I designed for May 2021.

May 2021 Bullet Journal Monthly View Inspiration

Monthly View Inspiration Gallery

I hope you found this post and video on bullet journal monthly view inspiration helpful today. I will be doing these inspiration galleries more often so make sure to stick around, or check back in, and see what other inspiration and ideas I share.

Thank you so much for your time today!

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