Bullet Journal Migration

Bullet Journal Migration 2020

For today’s post, I am sharing my Bullet Journal Migration with you. As fun, and kind of empowering, as it can be to start a new journal in January, I had too many pages left in my old journal to justify starting a new one. Now, 2 months in, I don’t have enough pages left for March. So I get a bit of a redo early on in the year which I took total and complete advantage of :P!

My YouTube video can be found here.

Firstly, I got to move into my new 160 GSM Scribbles That Matter – GOODBYE coated garbage, HELLO beautiful, amazing, forgiving paper!

Bullet Journal Migration

Secondly, I got a redo on my yearly collections pages. I decided to keep the Social Media Trackers, and the 100 Rejections collections, but then I also decided to add a whole bunch more.

But first, supplies…


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And now onto the new layouts!

Bullet Journal Migration Collections

Future Log

The first thing I moved over was my future log. I started in March since I already have January and February setup and completed in my old journal.

Bullet Journal Future Log

Note To Self (NEW)

My intention for this page is to act as a catch-all for anything that may not have a specific place anywhere else. For example, little quotes or catch phrases my son spouts out, or even a new musician I want to listen to.

This layout was inspired by @abulletandsomelines. It doesn’t look like they’re active anymore but their work is still online and they have some beautiful, clean layouts.

Bullet Journal Migration: Note to Self

My Kanban Board

I decided to change my Kanban board from monthly to just having one at the beginning of my journal. You can find the free printable here.

Bullet Journal Migration: Kanban Board

Content Schedule and Content Ideas (NEW)

This is specific to me. I decided to come up with a schedule so that you can follow along and catch content specific to what interests you. For Content Ideas, I’ll be writing down any content I’ve brainstormed that I actually want to follow through on.

Bullet Journal Migration: Content Schedule

My 100 Rejections

I have EVERY intention to follow up on this layout. I really want to put it to use by pushing myself out of my comfort zone. This is probably the biggest hurdle for me right now. Even looking at this page makes me uncomfortable but I am slowly working through it.

Social Media Tracker and Totals

This is more just for fun and to see my progression through the year. I decided to bring January and February along too since I’m curious to see the year as a whole.

Watch List and Class List (NEW)

I want to capture all of the TV shows and movies that we watch. The TV shows I want to write down to remember what we are watching and need to finish. We have a tendency to get carried away with work life or house work and forget what series we were watching. We feel like “The Office”s popularity on Netflix is purely driven by our watch history :D.

I also wanted to mark down movies – particularly ones that we want to watch. So that we can remember next time we aimlessly scroll through Netflix and before defaulting to “The Office”.

The Class List is to capture any classes I’ve registered for or want to take a look at. Although I use SkillShare primarily, there are other platforms out there that I’ll register for a course, get busy with work or the kids, and then forget about. This list is to make sure that I remember what course it is, and what platform. I’ve also made a column for the teacher. This is more for SkillShare so that I can remember the teachers that I liked.

Essential Oils Collections and Bath Bomb Trackers (NEW)

As part of my focus on better self-care, I’ve decided to start playing with essential oils. Just for my diffuser and some lava stones. I want to have a record of the oils I already have, their benefits, and then what they can blend with best. On the left of the table, I added a number column to number them so that I can record the blends using a number system.

I feel like the bath bomb tracker is self-explanatory. Basically I want to have more baths and try different brands of bath bombs and see what works best for my skin while still being relaxing (with NO glitter :D). I’m writing down their names, ingredients and then where they were purchased.

Wish List and Cleaning Schedule (NEW)

In an attempt to stay more budget conscious and less impulsive, I put together a wish list of wants and needs. If, after 3 months, I remember that I wanted the item or, I still really want it, I will find space in my budget to purchase it. We will see how it goes but I already have wants that i am trying to justify into needs… 😛

Now for my next page, I put together a cleaning schedule. I’ve been wanting to set this up for MONTHS! I will be putting this layout on my free printables list for you. You will only find the headings included so that you can add your own “problem” areas. But, you can’t have a cleaning schedule without a tracker, right?! So I will be adding a monthly cleaning tracker once I post my March setup so stay posted if you would like a copy of that.

I am SO excited for this next bullet journal and to start filling out my new layouts. I hope you are able to use some of these ideas for your next migration or to even set up your first bullet journal… you know you want to ;).

Thank you for your time today. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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