Bullet Journal for Meetings

After a month of trying it out, I am finally sharing my bullet journal for meetings setup. This is a super quick setup, focusing more on functionality. I like to infuse creativity in all of my layouts and setups but this notebook is truly all about functionality – except for maybe the stamping! This is also a new one for me since I am using a traveler’s size notebook. I share the video setup over on YouTube if you want to check that out. Otherwise, let’s get into it!

Bullet Journal for Meetings

Meetings Bullet Journal Supplies

The Setup

After making a quick cover page, I use the following pages to setup an Index. I used 4 pages in total for my Index but, if I need more space, I will cut a tab in the journal where I setup my new Index. On my Index page, I will be writing down the page number, who the meeting was with and the date. I have a few recurring meetings so having the date will make sure I find the right meeting.

For the notes pages themselves, I am stamping a few headings: meeting, date, objective, topics, action items and notes. I feel like many of these are self explanatory, although objective and topics could be seen as similar or the same. For my recurring meetings, the objective is always the same – weekly or biweekly meeting, where a number of topics may be covered. While I’m taking notes, I can identify the action items right away and jot them down. Currently, I am only using 2 pages for this setup. If I need more, I will just go to the next empty page and keep writing.

With that said, since I am stamping, I setup a few pages at a time. So if I have to page through a number of pages, I’ll just number it and add that to the index. And yes, with Archer and Olive notebooks, you are adding your own page numbers.

Bullet Journal for Meetings

My Why

I can already hear some “But why?” questions and here’s why.

  1. I was losing my meeting notes in my everyday journal throughout the month and meetings were blending together, so I wanted a space just to capture important meetings.
  2. I have a metric trash ton of journals and would like to use them so that I have an excuse to buy more!
  3. And stamping – because I want to.

After using this notebook for just over a month now, I am realizing that stamping ahead isn’t always practical or possible, so I am toying with the idea of making stickers to match the stamping. I don’t want to rely on stickers too much since the notebook will become super bulky very quickly, but it could be nice for last minute situations (where I may have forgotten about a meeting/to create a layout). Setting up this notebook will have to become a part of my weekly schedule but, until then, I think I am making stickers.

Bullet Journal for Meetings

Do you use a journal specifically for meetings? I remember back in my corporate days, I used a steno pad because I didn’t want to ruin those day planner/notebooks they had for us, lol! Now I use notebooks A LOT nicer and prettier than those! How times have changed! For more creative-type journal inspiration, check out my October Bullet Journal setup.

Let me know what you use for meetings and if you have any suggestions for what I could add to my bullet journal for meetings notebook. Let me know in the comments or over on socials (@natashamillercreates across platforms).

As always, thank you so much for your time today and I will see you in the next one!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Setup

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