Brewing Creativity: August Retro Teapot Theme

Get your tea ready, it’s an August Retro Teapot Theme bullet journal setup. I have finally managed to sit down and focus long enough to edit the video and write this post. This setup was finished before August but with summer adventures, I’ve been struggling to get things done. So for my August bullet journal setup, I chose a teapot theme and I had a blast drawing and colouring the different teapots and may have gotten carried away. I share the setup video over on YouTube and talk more about some of what I’ve been up to, so check that out if you’re curious. Over here on the blog, I am sharing my supplies and some inspiration. Let’s get in to it!

August Bullet Journal Setup

August Retro Teapot Setup Supplies

Because I was in a hurry to setup up my August Bullet Journal, I relied heavily on stickers. As much as I wanted to paint and colour in my notebook, this was just such a simple solution to my time constraint. These stickers are all hand drawn by me and I am sharing some of them as digital printables (for a limited time), in my From Blank to Brilliant Library for email subscribers. Sign up for my newsletter for instant access! Here are the rest of my supplies:

August Bullet Journal Setup

I’ve become predictable in my monthly layouts – calendar page, notes page, and then into my weeklies. This is working best for me without having additional layouts. Although, I am thinking about adding some layouts. One particular layout I want to add, is the 3 2 1 method of Reflection Journaling. This reflection method really stuck out to me and I am wanting to try it so maybe this will be the month.

Since my weeklies are a bit time consuming this month, I sat down and got them all done so I am ready for the rest of the August.

Retro Teapot Bullet Journal Setup

For this August retro teapot theme, I thought it would be fun to share some additional layouts you could setup using the teapots

  • As I touched on above, you could include tea-time reflections
  • You could create a tea collection page, journaling about your favourite teas
  • Expanding on the above point, you could make a full tea notebook, sharing teas you’ve tried and journaling about them: what you liked, didn’t like, ingredients, etc.
  • Draw a larger teapot and fill with daily gratitude, filling your teapot for the month/week
  • Journaling recipes you’ve tried when making your own tea
    • A friend once received a build your own tea kit from another friend. She had gone around the city sourcing various ingredients, placed the ingredients in little tins, found a box to put the tins in, and wrapped it up as a present. This was almost 10 years ago and I still think about this incredible gift!

August Retro Teapot Bullet Journal Setup

Wrapping Up My August Bullet Journal Setup

Below, I’ve included a small gallery of previous August setups that you can check out for more inspiration. After many years of creating a theme in my bullet journal, I think this August retro teapot theme is my favourite! I already have so many plans and ideas for these teapots (there are 12 in total btw!). I am working on vectorizing my July Bullet Journal Setup theme to create a mini pattern collection but now, I am super tempted to pause that and go with the teapots instead! You could say I spend a lot of mental energy talking myself into finish projects already in progress, lol!

I am also working on September already, so that will hopefully be shared in a more timely manner! What is your theme for August? Let me know in the comments. If you want to use my stickers, tag me on Instagram as I would love to see how you’re using it, @natashamillercreates.

Thank you for your time today!

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