Birdhouse April Bullet Journal Setup

April is around the corner (not in Calgary apparently), so sharing my birdhouse April Bullet Journal Setup. I had hoped to have a bit more fun with the peonies and birdhouses theme but March just flew by. That doesn’t mean I can’t try this theme again later (which I just might as it’s very versatile – change the colours and the florals, and boom! Fresh idea). BUT! For a creative journal layout to be beautiful, doesn’t mean it has to be over the top. Simple can go a long way! Over on YouTube, I am sharing my video setup. I share some thoughts and plans – specifically, I am going to Go Wild this year so I am SUPER excited. I am even MORE excited as I will be attending with Archer and Olive. More on that later, but for now, let’s get into the setup.

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Setup Supplies

Birdhouse April Bullet Journal Setup

This is my 3rd month using the same layouts – Cover, Calendar, Monthly Overview, and Weeklies. As I mentioned in my January video, I like to give new layouts at least 3 months to try them and see of they work for me. I think all of these layouts in their current configuration will be sticking around for a while. Maybe when summer rolls around and thing slow down a little, I may change it up. But for now, they’re staying.

Cover Page

I took some shortcuts for my cover page. I used a sticker instead of painting and colouring (due to time constraints). What that means for my email subscribers is a free (limited time) printable to grab this birdhouse cover page for yourself. I stamped the heading with my AlteNew Tall Alpha stamp set (AlteNew may be climbing up the ranks to one of my favourite stamp companies). Very simple but I think it’s still pretty to look at. The quote is Taylor Swift lyrics. Let me know if the comments if you recognize the song.

Birdhouse April Bullet Journal Setup

Calendar Page

I’ve been getting the most use out of this layout. Preplanning the month and having that reminder of what is to come helps me so much. My boxes are 6 squares by 6 squares and is enough space to capture the event. The boxes on the right are to capture my overall to dos for the week. I have been using this box over the last 3 months and have definitely seen value in it for me, so I will be keeping them around for a little while longer, at least.

Monthly Bullet Journal Setup

Monthly Overview

For my monthly overview page, I have space to capture important dates , my art licensing to dos, my goals and a general to do list. Basically, I need a to do list on every page to capture random thoughts in my brain. Makes me feel a little in control! Lol! On the right hand side of the page, I am capturing my One Little Word by Ali Edwards work. One of the many “courses” I have never finished. I will say that this page is the one I look forward to filling out the most. I haven’t been as on top of everything as I’ve wanted/meant to be. Many reasons for that, but this page helps keep my thoughts organized.

Monthly Bullet Journal Setup

Weekly Layouts

I am sticking with the same horizontal layout for my weeklies, that I used in February and March. I love using this basic to do list. Previously, for November, I went back to using the Alastair method but it wasn’t working as well for me as before. This way just felt like less pressure on me to do things on specific dates. It’s hard to explain since there are things that have to be done on certain days. But my brain feels like that’s what my daily boxes are for, if needed.

April Bullet Journal Setup

Birdhouse April Bullet Journal Setup Overview

That is my setup for April done and dusted. I feel as though I have so many things running in the back of my head that I need to get done and then I get hit with overwhelm paralysis. I’m going to look into some strategies and ideas that could work for me, and then share them with you. I do think I will be starting with a brain dump in my content journal. But! I hope you enjoyed today’s setup. Please let me know what you are doing for your April setup!

Talk soon!

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