August Bullet Journal Setup 2022

It was a SUPER close one but here is my August Bullet Journal setup 2022. I try to set these up sooner but July was such a busy month, and then I got sick, so everything just came to a bit of a halt in my house. But here I am, ready for August and excited to share with you! My August setup is a little different. My theme is Fruit Salad and I am using paper that I designed, from my upcoming Fruit Salad Collection. If you would like to watch the setup, you can see my YouTube video here. Otherwise, you can read along below.

August 2022 Bullet Journal Setup Supplies

August 2022 Bullet Journal Setup Layouts

August Cover Page

The Day You Plant the Seed is not the Day you Eat the Fruit

Starting off August as usual, with a quote page and a cover page. For my cover page, I chose to do a dutch door, using my Fruit Salad pattern on paper behind the dutch door.

This month, I used navy blue for the page edges instead of black, like I normally do.

August Bullet Journal Setup

Calendar Page

This month’s calendar page has a dutch door as well. I used my Oranges pattern behind the dutch door for this layout. On the dutch door itself, I have space for Notes, Next Month, Focus, and To Do.

Bullet Journal Setup Monthly View

Notes and Trackers

My next layout has my Notes page and my Trackers page. I used a stamp from Notebook Therapy’s Tsuki Bullet Journal Tracking Stamp Set just to speed up the tracker tracing process.

On the bottom of the page, I used a strip of my Apples pattern. This is my favourite one of the bunch (though there are more to come so I’ll say so far).

I want to be better about using my notes page this month as I rarely use them. I always put off using them in case I need to take notes on something more important. Lol! Kind of like FOMO but with more letters in the abbreviation I guess.

Habit Tracker Setup Ideas

Weekly Pages

This is the layout I will be using throughout the month of August. I will be using bits of my Fruit Salad collection throughout the month. I am ALSO excited to be sharing my stickers as digital files. These are free for email subscribers for a limited time, but can then be found in my shop.

August 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

August 2022 Bullet Journal Setup: Summary

This setup is a bit different from my usual setups but I really liked using the patterned paper. It will also double as a keepsake for the future and remembering when I created this pattern. Sometimes my theme ideas inspire pattern ideas, and vice versa. Since my pattern idea inspired the theme, I thought it would be fun to incorporate the patterns into my layouts. I will be using more from this collection into my weeklies as the month goes on. If you like these patterns, they will be available on Society6, RedBubble, and Spoonflower soon!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out and let me know! If you use the files in your own layers, tag me @natashamillerletters on IG, because I would love to see it!

Talk soon!

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