Archer & Olive Brush Pen Review

Today I am sharing an Archer and Olive Brush Pen Review. They have finally released their brush pens, also known as Archer and Olive Calliograph pens, although in a limited capacity. This set comes as part of their September Subscription box, but they will be releasing more with their Fall release (which should be the end of September). I have my YouTube video talking about the pens here, but below are my thoughts and some pictures.

Archer and Olive Calliograph Brush Pen Review

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Archer and Olive Brush Pen Review Basics

They are non-toxic, water-based ink pens. There are 2 pen nibs. One is a big brush tip and the other is a smaller brush tip. The bigger brush tip is smaller and more stiff than a Tombow Dual Brush Pen. The smaller brush tip is slightly, just very slightly, smaller than a Tombow Fudenosuke.

Although dual tip, each tip has a slightly different colour. So the smaller tip is slightly darker colour than the bigger tip. This is apparently to create shadows and fun colouring effects.

As mentioned above, there will be more of these pens released as part of the Fall release. They also haven’t mentioned a price yet, so I will update this post with the price when released.

One more note on the difference between these Calliographs and the Acrylographs. The Acrylographs are paint pens with plastic, hard nibs, where as these Calliographs are water based brush pens.

Archer & Olive Brush Pen Review

Archer and Olive Calliograph Thoughts

I love these pens! They are easier to control than their counterparts (the Tombow Dual Brush Pens and the Fudenosukes). The bigger Calliograph tips are smaller and stiffer than the Tombow Dual Brush Pens. This is what makes it easier to control. The smaller Calligraph tip is less stiff than the Tombow Fudenosuke, so it is more forgiving when you’re doing modern calligraphy. It’s easy to maneuver into the modern calligraphy strokes and a lot of fun to use.

I love that each tip is a different colour. Its basically 2 pens in one. I’m excited to play and experiment with these more and start incorporating them into my monthly layouts. I am so excited to see more colours and sets, so I will definitely be marking my calendar.

Archer and Olive Calliograph Review

Final Thoughts

I feel like I have been waiting a long time for Archer and Olive to come out with brush pens. The Acrylograph release was so exciting and I love using them and their versatility. But I love a good brush pen and these are better than I expected. I know I am an Affiliate with them but honestly, I wouldn’t be an Affiliate with them if I didn’t believe in the product, or the people.

I will be updating this blog post when more information becomes available. If you have tried these, I would love to know your thoughts on them. If you have additional questions, please let me know in the comments below.

Talk soon!

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