April Bullet Journal Setup 2021

Finally sharing my April Bullet Journal Setup 2021. I chose ladybugs as my theme and decided to through some daisy doodles in there too! I promised myself that March would be my last pull tab layout situation but… here we are… again! My April cover pages consists of a lettered dashboard (emailed out to my subscribers at the end of every month), and a ladybug pull tab with wings. I have a setup my bullet journal setup video uploaded here for you. I didn’t include a tutorial again. Instead, I will be doing a live tutorial on Instagram. Make sure to follow my IG account to get the update as to when.

April Bullet Journal Setup 2021 Cover Page

April Bullet Journal Setup 2021 Supplies

I feel like I used a tons of supplies for this setup but it wasn’t too bad. This post contains some affiliate links. This means I may earn a referral fee if you make a purchase through my link, without any additional cost to you. By doing so allows me to keep creating content for your enjoyment. Thank you SO much for your support!

April Bullet Journal Setup

Cover Page

Part way through March, I got really bored with my layouts. I still find them working for me, but the overall aesthetic just wasn’t appealing to me anymore. So for April, I decided to ramp up the creative aspect of the layouts. As always, my cover page carries most of my creative energy, and none more so than this month. For my April Bullet Journal Setup, I created a ladybug with wings that fly out when you pull on the tab. I used the circle mechanism from The Pop-Up Channel, and then just built the rest. It took a couple of practice tries but I got it to work.

Habit Trackers

The next layout I jazzed up a bit is my Habit Tracker page. Using a die punch, I punched out circles our of my Archer and Olive Blackout Notepad, and stamped using my Natasha Miller Letters Mini Calendar Stamps and the Hero Hues Unicorn pigment ink. I can NOT say enough good things about this ink. The only downfall is the dry time but it’s worth the stamped image quality. I then used the same punch to make red circles. Cutting the circles about 3/4s through the centre and folding the flaps back, I was able to create the body and wings of the ladybugs.

Once all glued down, the effect of seeing the ladybugs crawling all over the page was pretty cool (if not a little… terrifying?!). The background was done with gouache paint and the Archer and Olive dot grid notebook held up really well!

April Setup - Habit trackers

Weekly Layout

Incorporating a pull tab and a dutch door into the same setup?! My paper crafty heart is so excited! I painted a stem of leaves to capture my Daily appointments and events of note. Cutting just a portion of the stem on the right hand side of the page, allowed me to create a dutch door and ample space for my Alastair Method task list.

April Bullet Journal - Weekly Setup

Mistakes? What Mistakes?!

If you’re prone to making a ton of mistakes when setting up your bullet journal, you are not alone! In this setup and video specifically, I left all of my mistakes in the video and shared how I fixed it. From the Archer and Olive white Acrylograph, to white gouache paint, to just good old White out, I used them all!

The more mistakes I made, the less fancy I got with my fixes. By the last couple mistakes, I was just using White Out. It stands out more than the other fixes but, at that point, I was so done waiting for everything to dry, I just went for it. not everything always needs to be very eloquent. Sometimes it just needs to get done!

Brain Drain Layout

I am so grateful to have you here. I love sharing my notebooks and tips and techniques with you. If you have any questions at all, please reach out and let me know, especially if you want to see the pull tab tutorial for the ladybug. I may do an Instagram Live and post it on my Blog or IG, so make sure to follow along to stay up to date.

Talk soon!

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