April 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

We are back with an April 2022 bullet journal setup! I feel the need to insert a road so far segue here but I could also just insert a dumpster fire gif and it would be 100% fitting and appropriate. March hasn’t been particularly bad, just very busy and, well, struggling with staying motivated. With that said, I have managed to get my bullet journal set up for April done. I am super excited with some new layouts I have included and can’t wait to share with you. You can check out the setup video here, and down below, I’ll share my layouts and the reason behind why I’ve chosen them. 

April 2022 Bullet Journal Setup Cover Page

April 2022 Bullet Journal Setup Supplies

April 2022 Bullet Journal Layouts

Cover Page and Quote Page

Starting off with my cover and quote page. This month’s quote is: “I’m not a hot mess. I’m a spicy disaster”. This quote pretty much sums ups this setup (and my life), in two sentences. 

This quote page is emailed to my From Blank to Brilliant email subscribers every month, in a black and white form. This allows you to add your own colours and details where you please. Kind of like a colouring page to match your own colour palette.

For April, I decided to go back to a pull tab. I did try in my March setup too, but alas physics failed me (but I just about failed it in High School so…). April is a lot simpler pull tab layout and is based on a tutorial I did back in February 2021.

Monthly Calendar Page

Calendar Page

Next up is my calendar page. This page includes a dutch door that allows for space to capture my goals, priorities, and a bit of space to plan for next month. I have shared some productivity plan with me’s where I show how I use sticky notes in conjunction with some of my earlier Bullet Journal Setups.

I have loved using my calendar pages in this way as I work on my productivity and functionality aspect in my journal. It’s still a work in progress but I am having a ton of fun experimenting.

Monthly Setup Calendar Page

Monthly Projects

New for this monthly setup is a monthly projects page. The original inspiration comes from a journal I found at Indigo (a Canadian bookstore), called Nóta, and it’s called The Productivity Journal. I am so excited to use these pages. I may have set up too many boxes for one month but there are a couple projects right now that may just roll over into next month. That’s what bookmarks are for after all!

Monthly Projects Productivity Layout

Trackers and Notes

As always, I combined my trackers and notes pages. Sometimes I use these pages, sometimes I don’t, but I like to have them there just in case. The top box of my tracker is for tracking monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly tasks. And then the rest of the boxes are daily tasks.

April Bullet Journal Setup Trackers

Thoughts heading into April 2022

After my trackers and notes pages, I am into my weekly layouts. These are simple and functional, where I have chosen to spend my creativity on the dotted borders.

I definitely feel a little in flux at the moment. I feel like it’s natural to have planning/journaling/productivity efforts fall off after the excitement of a new year. While I still love and enjoy bullet journaling, I have been feeling more drawn to the process of lettering and doodling. I am in the process of relaunching some of my digital content but that’s a work in progress for sure (and definitely going in as a project)!

I am also really enjoying creating for my From Blank to Brilliant Patreons. This is different from the Library in that I am teaching you to letter, doodle, and a creative journaling technique every month. We break lettering styles down and doodling into simple shapes, and then practice our new skills through journaling. It’s a lot of fun and I’d love it if you wanted to join us over there.

Let me know if you give any of these layouts or doodles a try. Tag me over on Instagram @natashamillerletters. I’d love to see what you create!

Talk soon!

April 2022 Bullet Journal Setup -Functional weekly layout

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