2022 Bullet Journal Setup

Cue the shock and disbelief, but it’s time for a 2022 Bullet Journal Setup post! I saw a “funny” meme reminding me that 2019 was almost 3 years ago and I had lots of feelings about it – some was laughter, most was not, lol! But here we are. I ended up using many layouts from 2021, and then adapting others to my new situations. As always, you can find the setup video here. Below, I share my supplies, and thoughts behind the layouts I chose.

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2021 New Bullet Journal Setup

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2021 Bullet Journal Setup

2021 Bullet Journal Setup

2022 Bullet Journal Setup Supplies

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2022 Bullet Journal Layouts

Year at a Glance

I feel like its become a bit of a tradition to start with a year at a glance layout. It helps me to organize my thoughts for the year ahead and set the tone for the rest of the setup. The first time I did a year at a glance was 2020 and we all know that was a bust. So whenever I set up a year at a glance, it’s always with a cynical grain of salt. I think it’ll be a while for us to heal from 2020. Regardless, here it is. Hopefully I get to use it more for 2022.

Bullet Journal Setup Ideas

Content Layouts

This is the 3rd time I am setting up a content scheduling/idea layout. The first time was so helpful and useful. The second time was a bust and I barely used it. So, with the best intentions, I am trying again! I will reassess for my mid-year set up and either make changes, or toss it! When I do use it, it is so great to stay on track and create content consistently which is one of my goals for 2022.

New Bullet Journal Setup Ideas

Kanban Boards

These are my most used layouts by far! They are great for keeping track of where my videos and blog posts are, what still needs to be done, and where video/posts are at in the editing process. It’s really more of a check list but I love it. It’s great for keeping me on track.

Kanban Productivity Layout

Workflow Layouts

This is a variation of layouts I was doing in the last part of 2021. This is my combination of a traditional Kanban board, the Eisenhower Matrix, and the 1-3-5 Priorities method. My idea is to use sticky notes and workflow my tasks through this whole combination of methods. Using the Eisenhower Matrix to determine my most crucial tasks, I will be work flowing it through the Kanban Board but then using the “To Do” and the 1-3-5 Matrix flip outs so that I can access the sticky notes and to dos throughout the life of the journal. It may seem a bit complicated but I plan on working through it and reporting back to you! My Inner Creative is where I first got the idea from, so you can check her blog post out for a more comprehensive explanation.

Work Flow Productivity Layout

Budget Layout

I changed the layout for my budget quite a bit in this setup. When explaining multiple revenue streams, rarely ever do they talk about the accounting behind it. While this isn’t my main way of keeping records, I am hoping this will help with a general overview of where things are at. I also took the fact that I will be doing a mid-year setup into consideration so this won’t capture the full year, but hoping for at least half of it. Income is pretty straight forward. I wanted to capture my subscriptions because I am trying a whole bunch of different ones and want to keep track. Work expenses are a lot more complicated looking at annual or monthly charges, then the fixed or variable nature of these charges.

Bullet Journal Setup Ideas

Socials Tracker Bullet Journal Setup

My social media tracker. My social media situation is super convoluted at this time so I want to see what is working best and what needs more attention. I am also including a Patreon tracker to help keep track of where I am at. To be honest, I am using Notion to capture most of my Patreon to dos and I am loving it. But this is to have something more tangible to read and look at.

Setting up a Bullet Journal

Miscellaneous Layouts

Rounding off my 2022 Bullet Journal Setup is a wish list, a book list, and a just because page. This is to just capture thoughts and ideas as they come.

New Bullet Journal Setup Ideas

This is by far my most favourite colour scheme to date! You will definitely be seeing more of these colours pop into my work. But yea! I feel like I am toeing the line between being more productive, and focused, while still trying to keep up with my day to day necessities. Whenever I get settled in my work to dos, then life throws a curve ball, whether it be my car breaking down, or the furnace kicks the bucket, there’s always something. So accepting that life happens but having a contingency plan to fall back on, is what I am hoping for for 2022.

What are your hopes for 2022? Are you excited to get your setup done? Let me know! I’d love to hear about it.

Talk soon!


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