2020 Bullet Journal Setup

2020 Bullet Journal Setup


It’s time to sit down and reflect on what I want for my 2020 Bullet Journal Setup. I decided to keep it relatively simple with a Future Log, a spread to capture My 100 Rejections (more on that further down), and a Social Media tracker.

Full disclosure: this will be my first time setting up for a new year like this. In the meantime, here is the video of my setup on YouTube. Below I’ll be sharing my supplies and reasoning for the collections I chose.

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Future Log

For my 2020 Bullet Journal Setup, I’ll be using a Future Log to record birthdays, school schedule, as well as my husband’s schedule.

Future Log

I put together some calendars for my 2020 Future Log (that I’m sharing for free until December 31st) (download here). The calendar is Monday to Sunday as I plan on using these calendars for my weekly layouts too.

I may make updates to how I use this future log as the year goes. For example, I may break it down into quarters as the year goes on and when I move into a new journal at some point. This flexibility is what makes a bullet journal the best option for me.

My 100 Rejections

Chances don’t approach you, its YOU who approaches the chance.

Toba Beta

So this collection is a bit of a weird one. But let me explain! I’ve been listening the the Creative Pep Talk Podcast by Andy J Miller. In one of the episodes he talks about striving for 100 rejections; not to fail 100 times but to put yourself out there 100 times. Then, statistically speaking, you should receive at least some yeses throughout those 100 opportunities you’ve created.

2020 Bullet Journal

I’m really hoping to put myself out there more so I am hoping to fill this page up with as many opportunities that’ll fit, creating a new collection to capture the remaining 100. I intend to date the opportunity as well. I will definitely keep you updated as this collection grows and evolves.

Social Media Tracker

My next layout/collection is a social media tracker. On the first page, I hope to tracker how many followers are added for the month. The second page will capture total followers on social media. This is more of a memory-keeping/seeing everything together collection.

2020 Bullet Journal Setup


My supplies were pretty straight-forward for these layouts.

The sticker paper I’m using is a generic brand from Online Labels. I use this for any stickers I end up printing or drawing and it works great.

My bullet journal is a Scribbles That Matter.

I’m excited to get started on my new layouts and see where 2020 takes me creatively, and personally. Do you have any big goals you hope to accomplish? Any big trips coming up? I’d love to hear about it and how you plan on documenting it in your journal. All in all I hope 2020 will be a great one!

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